multiple haldclut film simulation browser

hi there, is there a way or plugin to preview multiple film simulations at once instead of selecting preset one by one ? any help is greatly appreciated

It’s not possible in RT.
There’s a way to do it in G’MIC though.

With G’MIC in GIMP (Win 7 64) I see before/after but not a load at once. Is there a way to do this using offline emulation files? Something like this would be useful …

In the G’MIC plugin, go to Film Emulation > [Collages]

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Thanks. For anyone else looking (Win 7 64), it’s Filters > G’MIC-Qt > Colors > Simulate Film, then select Category (slide, b&w etc) and select Preset > All (Collage). I get “Preview disabled in ‘Collage’ mode” but apply it and your image appears in GIMP main window as either new image or layer in a low res image but useful collage.

I guess it depends which version of G’MIC-QT you have. Mine is version 2.4.2, and I don’t have the same paths as you. I guess it’s time for me to update my G’MIC build!

I have 2.6.2 - latest stable is 2.6.5

thank you very much guys