My first contribution

Hello everybody, today I try to do my first shot to stars. I’am not very happy with the results, but I share with you to learn how to get a good jpg image.

Thank youIMGP1062.PEF (30.4 MB)

Can you please explicitly license your raw file?

Hello, yes i share with you my photo raw in CC license.


I think you need to specify which of the CC licenses you want to use. Often we release our raw files under CC BY-SA or CC BY-NC-SA license.

IMGP1062.PEF.xmp (11.5 KB)

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I’m sorry, is my first time :slight_smile:


thank you

Here my try in darktable 2.7.

IMGP1062.PEF.xmp (13.3 KB)


Think that it has to do with the noise coming from ISO6400.
I’ve read from astro photographers that they make multiple shots and stack them together afterwards.



thank you I’am reading it

If you decide to try stacking multiple frames of the starry sky, you can follow this article step-by-step: PIXLS.US - Processing a nightscape in Siril


it looks hard :slight_smile:

The planks sticking out remind me of ribs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed it is but there is no denying the results are beautiful if one succeeds!

Nah… I don’t think so.

Next time you’re going to take a sky photo, don’t take one, take at least 20. Between shots, put the lens cap and shoot. You’ll have a darkframe. Take a couple of darks during your session, say 8 for the 20 photo session? 15 for a 50 photo session? There’s an ideal number of darks, but I don’t have the reference now. I think better have some than nothing.

That is the most important part.

Then, when you’re up to, you follow that tutorial.

By the way, nice image! I liked the framing very much!

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thanks! I will tri it!

I just take some shots in another persepective, I share with you some of them.IMGP1158.PEF (29.1 MB) IMGP1163.PEF (28.4 MB) IMGP1167.PEF (28.5 MB)

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Nice. I will bookmark your Play Raws to come back to when I have the time to revisit them.

The easy way is to use something like Sequator to do the stacking. It is not open source, but it is free and easy to use.

Thanks you Daniel, but I think that doesn’t support Mac.