Natron development status?

(Dominic Stone Kaiser) #21

Excellent so there is management of the code still. So I am looking over readme now in Github. Love this project to much to let it sit. Thanks for the info.

(Mica) #22

Best of luck!

(Simon Frei) #23

I am a tiny bit confused about the (low) magnitude of reaction in this topic to @Dominic_Stone_Kaiser statement that he looks into contribution his dev skills to Natron. I hope there is more going on behind the scenes. There were so many statements of wanting to support the project in “non-coding” ways (organisation, funding, …) that were always curbed by first needing someone that does the coding. I am not saying @Dominic_Stone_Kaiser necessarily is that person or one person alone is enough, but he could be and one active contributor very often is the spark to attract others.

What I am saying is:
I hope @Dominic_Stone_Kaiser and Natron in general already gets all the support they can use, and this post of mine is totally unnecessary - however if that’s not the case, please remember all your ideas and act on them!

I was a bit vary of posting this as I am in no way involved with Natron, neither as a user nor dev - please don’t take this as an attack, it’s merely a sentiment by an open source user and “hobby-dev” that couldn’t be held in any longer :slight_smile:

(John Titor) #24

Same here; I am exploring the code to find a way in. I have mostly been struggling with the documentation of the build system so far to get it to build and run in a debugger tbh. I would love to see Natron continue to evolve and I hope to become of more use in the future :).


I think patreon would gain more attention than bug bounty. People sometime just want to donate a few cent rather than set certain amount of money on specific feature.

(Frédéric Devernay) #26

Patreon can only work if there are active developers.
The goal with bouties is to attract developers who may want to try to tackle down a bug.

Candidate developers can ask me questions about the code. I may or may not be able to answer these, but as you see I am still monitoring this forum, so take advantage of it.