Natron Tutorials

(Chris Tempel) #1

I have a bunch of Natron tutorials on the YouTube channel, “Indie Rebel”. There’s a lot of good beginner stuff such as how the merge node works and an introduction to nodes, as well as more advanced things like 3D tracking and projection rig removals.

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(Omar Brown) #3

Real Nice!!! Are you on facebook? If so, join NatronNation at

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I don’t use facebook

(Omar Brown) #5

Cool breeze

Omar Brown
Producer, Editor and videographer


Just to store in a safe place. A tutorial collection playlist from Rita Geraghty

(lecointre leny) #7

Hi, I found out that udemy released a new tutorial for Natron ( New tutorial may create new natron users, so in a way it’s a good new.

(Siddhant Rane) #8

Theres a playlist on youtube called nuke 101. It was made for nuke x. I’m planning to make one for natron. I’m going to cover everything in that series. I cant record anything soon, as there’s a lot of chaos in the house… Omar had also asked me to make a tutorial for Prism and natron, which is also planned… Just waiting to be recorded… I’ll do it asap… The series will take some time…

(lecointre leny) #9

cool, realy cool. Thx a lot for doing that