NatronRenderer Command Line and Parameterdelivery

Hey there, simple question. As i am new to natron - is it possible to export a GUI-Node-Graph project as python-script for use on command line? Background is: i want to start an in natron with gui done project, but also with flexibility on give command line based parameters such as tell a text-node what text should be shown?

So for now I really only need command line without GUI. So I Do have my ntp file with a simple text which scales up about 5 percent. Is it with the natronrenderer out of the box possible to set the text value via command line ? Could’t find it in the docu?

for instance:
natronrenderer myfile.ntp -nodeelement “Text1.text=”\here is the text" -w myWriter

Hereby i wanna set the value of the up-scaling textelement that i mentioned before.

Thanks a lot for answers.