All About Natron Python Scripting

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For startup Here is the Natron python API:

Some discussions attached:

Expression for the ‘Rotate’ parameter.

seed = 10
frequency = 0
amplitude = 0
offset = 10
intensity = 1

ret = (random(seed,frequency)*amplitude)+offset*intensity

Now you see that, by lowering the ‘intensity’ parameter, you lower the global random effect.

intensity = 0 : no rotation at all
intensity = 1 : full random rotation

That’s what i did in this Pyplug :


is it possible to save the script editor contents? i find it really useful in nuke that when i write something in the script editor, it’s restored next time i launch nuke. i was wondering if anything like that’s possible in natron.


The content is not saved in any way I’m aware of. But, this is probably something we could add.

You could also make a small Python script that (re)store the content of the editor on exit/launch.

for some reason my first question in this forum got deleted after some server error last week or so… anyway, i’ve got another question about python scripting in natron… in Text Node, if i check the ‘Auto Size’, can i get an actual canvas size from python expression?

Does by any chance anyone know how can i read the current resolution (width and height) of a node with a python expression?