Neowise, quick shot

My turn to post one pic.
This one is a pic of the comet Neowise. Surely not the best image but a souvenir: I can say I got it.
123 images of 15sec each, processed with Siril dev, of course ;).

Canon EOS 100D
Samyang 135mm
iOptron SkyTracker


This looks quite good!

Have you used this workflow: Comet registration tutorial ?

Or something else?

Yes and I used GIMP to merge comet and stars

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wow that’s a bright one! Nice!

Thank you @vinvin :slight_smile:
Here a new version with a better plasma tail.


How did you add it, does it come from a different filter? Did you increase colour saturation?

It was on the raw data. I just spent more time on it. :wink:

My try from the last weekend. Canon EOS 40D + Tamron 90mm macro. 60x30" at ISO 800 stacked and processed with SiriL of course. I’ve not be able to stack the comet and the stars individually… yet. I’ll try again. Meanwhile, you can see the “nucleus-bar” with the green tones below.


Very nice :).
Nice shot.

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What I don’t understand from this tutorial is how do you remove the star trails? It begins very detailed, step by step and then “left for the reader” the more difficult part… it remembers me the old meme :smiley:


(edited to remove some NSFW wording) :smiley: :smiley:

Because this work is done out of siril. In Gimp for example.

Yes I know, I know, but this is the most difficult part of this process… and it’s very frustrating :wink:

Yes I understand. If I had a magic recipe, I would share it. But I haven’t.
Probably that guys on #software:gimp forum are better for that.

Yes I know, don’t worry It wasn’t a request for support, don’t misunderstand me please :). It was a cry to the world :smiley: :smiley:

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Not only plasma tail, you have push out a lot of fine structure on the dust tail. Very delicate work. Nice!

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Nice work. So you pre process your RAW files (and safe to tif) before importing them into SiriL?

not at all.
Raw data means raw data, not RAW files :).