New Filmulator Feature: view a range of dates in Organize tab

Today I added a new feature to the dev branch of Filmulator, the ability to view more than one day’s photos in the Organize tab.

Simply double click on one end of the date range in the date histogram, and then either shift-click or right-click on the second end of the date range. If you shift-click or right-click again, the range selected will be between the original double-click and your new selected date.

The date histogram will highlight all days whose photos are being displayed. However, the calendar on the left side does not reflect this. I’m not sure it’s possible without making a completely custom control.

Incidentally, I fixed a bug that caused the sorting of images to misbehave. This was because the new feature allowed me to see enough images at once for the pattern to become immediately apparent.


I like what you have been doing with the app. It is too bad that my computer is under-powered :cry:.

May I ask you how long it takes to fully load one image (and what resolution that image is)? It should tell you on the command line, listed as “request time”. On my own computer a 16MP image takes 9 seconds, for example.

In the future I may add a low-res preview mode or something for people working on 50 or 100MP images, or for use on slower computers. (It would take the full time to save the image, though)

You may recall that I am running filmulator from a VM, increased swap (low RAM) and disabled mipmaps. Even then, the app could go unstable. Anyway, a 18MP image takes 33.3597 seconds on my system.

Btw, filmulator could use a logo and description in the software manager listing (@Dariusz_Duma).