New Fujifilm XTrans film simulations


(Stuart) #1


Last year I posted some HaldCLUT film sim profiles for Fujifilm cameras.

For anyone interested I’ve created a new set! This time the results are much better - almost indistinguishable from the OOC JPG on every image I’ve tested so far!

Included is every simulation currently available on the latest generation Fuji cameras, including Acros. Just make sure you turn off auto-levels in RT as the profiles are meant to be applied to a neutral raw image and the contrast/saturation adjustments will give you inaccurate results.

Direct download here and more details here.

Here are a few examples, the right is the SOOC JPG, the left is from RT with the film sim applied and no other adjustments (aside from the exposure slider). More examples at the link above:

Hope you find them useful!

dt styles for arangast's "New Fujifilm XTrans film simulations"
Colour accuracy in RT and DT with Fujifilm cameras
Kodak Q-13 color target

Great! Thanks for sharing! :grinning:

I created darktable styles based on for darktables color lut module. They might be not as accurate as your LUTs, I think. However, I can share them here, if it’s OK for you.

(Ingo Weyrich) #3

Maybe you get a larger audience if you share them here :wink:


Probably true. But I wanted to ask for permission first, since no license has been stated by @arangast.

(Stuart) #5

@Wocket that’s absolutely fine with me :slight_smile:. Now Darktable’s on Windows I will have to give it a go when I have some time.


posted it in the darktable section

(The Squirrel Mafia) #7

Oh wow! These are impressive. I just tried them. I have my own set of PP3 files have a semi-neutral tone curve that I typically use. It’s the only color & exposure enhancement that I use. Once I remove the tone curve & apply either the Astia, Provia, or Velvia HaldCLUT, the results are very impressive. Whatever tone curve you used for these HaldCLUTs are pretty much dead on.

I also use the HaldCLUTs from the RawTherapee site, but it takes a bit of trial & error at times to try to get the correct tone curve. It would be nice if they also had their own tone curve that would eliminate the need of using any auto exposure and/or tone curves.

Thank you very much for your hard work!

(Stuart) #8

Thanks I’m glad you like them @The_Squirrel_Mafia. This is my 4th version of the CLUTs as I’ve never got them quite right but I’ve got the process down now. In so many images I could never beat the in-camera simulation with PP so it’s great to be able to get all of them in a click of the mouse :slight_smile:

(Sebastien Guyader) #9

@arangast I really, really appreciate what you’ve done. I made some Fujifilm HaldCLUTs myself some time ago, and it took a lot of time to make them. So, cudos and thanks.
I have one question: should we apply the film simulation over a neutral profile with no dcp profile loaded, or with a dcp profile loaded, with or without dcp tone curve and tables?

(Stuart) #10

Good question @sguyader, to be honest I’d forgotten about the DCP profiles in RT!

I just tried it out with the X100F profile from the Adobe DNG converter, and it did not work well with the HaldCLUTs - there was a definite colour shift which gave less accurate results than without the DCP applied.

So to answer your question, the simulation should be applied over a neutral profile with no DCP loaded. :slight_smile:


@arangast Really great!

Only a suggestion for the next release: could you please name Black and White Profiles with a leading BW and color ones with a leading colors, so that they will be better sorted (or put them in 2 separate directories)?

Also could you please specify under which license are they?

Thank you!

(Sebastien Guyader) #12

Thanks, I’ll try those one of these days.

(Moisés Musashi Santana) #13

Thanks for sharing. I’ll try :slight_smile: