New interface in darktable 2.7 (dev)

(Martin Scharnke) #21

OK; I discovered, however, that the presets are still available, but that setting the sidebars to ridiculously wide obscures them.


@aurelienpierre Awesome. With a few more touches, it will be even better. Although I don’t use dt, it is great to see the surge of visible development and devs like you sharing what is going on for people to be excited about. :smile:

(Gord) #23

Standing ovation! Looking forward to being able to get my hands on this.



Can’t wait to see this in the official build so I can use it :smile:

(keith) #25


Excellent :+1:

Many many thanks.

(paka) #26

I like this but see no manner to “hide the outer arrows”. Is this possible yet?

(Aurélien Pierre) #27

GENERAL NOTICE : you need to install all the Roboto font packages available in your package manager to get the most of the new UI.

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Roboto has improved over the years in response to criticism. It is okay now but still a little awkward. :face_with_monocle: Curious what it replaced in dt. If I had to choose a Roboto, I would go with Roboto Slab. :wink:

(Alex Mozheiko) #29

It’s gorgeous, please embed a music player and that’s all I need in this life, thank you :slight_smile:

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@mosaster Where the UI bumps to the beats and changes colours to the tones. :joy: A nightmare for UX and colour management killjoys no doubt.

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(Alex Mozheiko) #31

I did not order a surrealistic trip, sorry :crazy_face:, rather for a good time with tea, music and photo processing on a rainy day. :wink: Also, DT delivers visual satisfaction to its adepts, next thing it is missing - an element of audio, to become a pure creative art-gasm :grin:

(Aurélien Pierre) #32

darktable used whatever default GTK font, usually Cantarell. Another Opensource failure.

(darix) #33

This should be in the release notes so packagers will learn about it.

(paka) #34

I have google-roboto-fonts installed but see no way to “hide” the “outer arrows” in the four side “borders”


Sorry if this is a silly question as I even feel to remember, it was discussed somewhere…

The background color between image and sidepanels is too bright for my taste. Where and how can I adjust this? I would like it almost as dark as the rest of the GUI. Just a little bit lighter…

(darix) #36

There was a discussion a while ago that having this area being neutral grey is better for not making the image to dark/bright.


most of the cases, my pic anyway fill this area to almost 100%… While typing…that might be the reason for the offered border? I will reconsider…

(darix) #39

Follow up question:

just google-roboto-fonts or also google-roboto-mono-fonts ?


It is on the way. The CSS is also adjustable.


installed roboto just now and it really looks cool.

Still need to fiddle around a bit. The headlines are too narrow for my taste… but besides really really cool.
(Gentoo merely offered me 90-roboto-regular.conf)