New to RawTherapee, DNG images all have a purple tint

I’m trying to move away from Lightroom and just downloaded the newest version of RawTherapee, but all my existing images have a purple tint to them. It seems like this is related to Lightroom’s DNG conversion since the tint doesn’t appear when opening my unconverted Olympus ORF files. I’m now wondering if I’ve done something wrong by allowing Lightroom to convert all my past files into DNG or if there is a setting that I’m simply missing. Suggestions on how to fix? Example files attached in case that helps. Thanks.

P8121638.ORF (13.9 MB)
P8121638.DNG (13.8 MB)

Try deselecting “Embed Fast Load Data” in Lightroom - see this thread here:

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@PixelPusher is correct. And just to add, it is a known issue with RT (#4695).

I’ve deselected the option in Lightroom, but it doesn’t seem like it is making any difference to my past DNG files. Is there a way to fix the old files?