New tool "Capture Sharpening"

I meant a partial profile

It happens already when clicking the thumb of an image which has a profile (for example from 5.7, which is perfectly fine) which does not have capture sharpening…

Processing profile fill mode: Button released.



This profile, with the released button, only sets sharpening OFF and does not modify the rest.

(I think I’m complicating it… but it’s an idea/solution)

Edit: I leave. There is that.

@heckflosse great you could reproduce.

As a note: I already had issues when the auto matched curve was introduced (replaced the auto levels AFAIR): reopening an image activated auto matched curve on top of the levels which resulted in brightness/contrast being completely off. AFAIR (it has been quite a while ago) it was mentioned by someone but nobody could (knew how to?) reproduce. Probably it comes from the same problem/bug?

Forgive me if I have missed it somewhere, but is there an explanation of why ‘capture sharpening’ is an improvement over RT standard sharpening (USM / RL). Thanks…

See this long thread


Thanks plenty to read here!

Yes, and it it is well above my understanding. That’s why I linked rather than trying to summarize.

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If you have any questions, just post there and someone will definitely be able to entertain them. :wink: Also, “quick question”. :rofl:

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Had a brief look at the post. If I understand correctly, at a very basic level, it entails applying the sharpening early in the pipeline, before any tone curves, which results in fewer halo artefacts. Is this correct?

@spidermonkey I think beside that, another important thing was that capture sharpening is applied in a different color space than the RL deconvolution.


This is an AWESOME tool and I am very very much looking forward to the next stable version of RT. Speaking of which? Do we know when it comes out?

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No, but v5.8 Milestone · GitHub

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Could it be possible to have more than 50% increase on the borders?

Some lens have much more than 50% more blur radius at borders compared to center. And maybe… also a bigger max radius? (or a similar corner boost feature also in unsharp mask)

Thank you.

Yes and no. Let me explain: Current max radius is limited to 1.15 sigma because of performance (1.15 sigma works fine with 7x7 kernels while > 1.15 would require 9x9 kernel).

For the increase it’s easy to allow more more than 50% increase but only up to 1.15 for the reason I mentioned above. For > 1.15 a 9x9 kernel should be used. Of course that’s possible, but not implemented yet.

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Hi everyone!
I’m Roberto from Argentina and this is my very first time writing here. I’m not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this question… but here it goes.
I’ve been using the latest appimage (manjaro Linux user) for a couple of days, and I just love the capture sharpening tool, but today it just disappeared completely from RT… I deleted the config files, downloaded again… but anything brought it back yet. Has anyone run into the same issue?

Hey @Roberto_Abella, welcome! Can you launch the last workng verwion of the AppImage from the command line and see if it is there?

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Hi @Mica! I’ve just launched from the terminal and… well… I’m not exactly sure what library I’m looking for in the terminal, but it seems not to be there anything related to capture sharpening as far as I can understand :confused:

Ups… I’m suddenly sooo embarrased… :frowning: apparently this evening when I tried to download the latest build, jus got the wrong one. Just downloaded again a few minutes ago, and there it is…
I’m so ashamed, lol!! I’m so sorry…
Thanks anyway!!! :slight_smile:

No need to be ashamed, we all make mistakes.

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