New Windows builds

(Cyril LAPORTE) #243

Only first start or all starts?

(Ingo Weyrich) #244


@keno40 at all starts.
@heckflosse Yes, I have read that.
I uninstalled/reinstalled RT.
First start after that = about 6 seconds.
I set Hald CLUT folder -> an empty folder.
Consecutive starts = about 6 seconds.
I set Hald CLUT folder -> my CLUT folder.
Consecutive starts = about 7 seconds.

(Ingo Weyrich) #246

Did you set the folder in preferences or by editing the options file?


I set it in preferences.
Claes in Lund, Schweden

(Ingo Weyrich) #248

Ok, I asked because on my system there is one options file for gtk3 and one for gtk2 version of rt and I often edit the wrong one :slight_smile:


added in my RT WIN32 drive:
master branch 4.2.932 (release and debug)

(Ingo Weyrich) #250

@gaaned92 @sguyader Andrée, Sébastien, thank you very much for keeping windows builds up to date with recent changes to source!!!


in my RT WIN32 drive:

master branch 4.2.991 (release and debug)
GTK3 branch 4.2.1148 (release and debug)

and also at the same place
Newwavelet branch 4.2.972 (relwithdebinfo)
locallab branch 4.2.950 (release)

(Sebastien Guyader) #253

New Windows 64-bit builds (Release and Debug) can be downloaded from here:

  • Master branch 4.2.992
  • Gtk3 branch 4.2.1148

From this link you can also get a build from the “Local Lab” branch (4.2.950), but please bear in mind that this branch is less advanced than the Master and Gtk3 branches. Basically you’ll loose PP3 compatibility and many improvements and bugfixes.

(Morgan Hardwood) #254

Thank you, uploaded.

(dngimage) #255

Thanks Sebastien and developers!
RawTherapee4.2.950 Local Lab Win-64 is running fine here!

(Morgan Hardwood) #256

@dngimage locallab is 60 commits behind master, you’re missing out on a lot of improvements.
@sguyader could you add some kind of disclaimer to the locallab build link? Basically the code will change, you will lose PP3 compatibility, and you will miss out on features present in the master and gtk3 branches. It’s under heavy but sporadic development.


Thanks to all - the Gtk3 Release 4.2.1148 is running well here (Win10)

(Sebastien Guyader) #258

OK I edited my post above to reflect this information.

(dngimage) #259

Hey guys, I use both the Master and the Local Lab version. But I use the Local Lab version more. And, yes, I know that the Local Lab version is under development and that it can change. I keep different PP3s for both versions. Merci beaucoup! Thanks again!


Hi folks, strange things are happening (with Win10 64bit):

Gtk3 Release 4.2.1148: not one picture shows up when I double-click a folder in the file manager!
Master Release 4.2.992: same phenomenon
Stable Release 4.1.1: everything works fine

I’m absolutely confused - what can I do?

(Mica) #261

Hi @ebop,

You may want to clear the application cache.


Hi PaperDigits!

Thanks for this mega-quick reply! The link to the text “writing a good bug report” leads to a text which has to be written.

But: The tip to clear the cache led me to my profile - and I discovered in …\appdata\local several folders for RawTherapee. I uninstalled RT, deleted the profile folders, reinstalled the latest GTK3-Release - and everything worked again.

So: Thanks again - your help saved my work!

(Mica) #263

@ebop glad to see you eventually got it working, sorry for the broken link (which I’ve removed now)!

Ps-- you can ping people same as you would on twitter, use the @ symbol and you should see a list of names, like @ebop and @paperdigits