New Windows builds

(Sebastien Guyader) #264

New Windows 64-bit builds (Release and Debug) can be downloaded from here:

  • Master branch 4.2.1000
  • Gtk3 branch 4.2.1159

(Morgan Hardwood) #265

I just committed Floessie’s fix for a race condition leading to some thumbnails being appearing chopped-off. master merged into gtk3.

(lux) #266

Many thank for the new version.
It run perfectly.
But I don’t remember where find the details of the improvements ?

(Morgan Hardwood) #267

(lux) #268

Thanks a lot !

Clearing the Processing Profile
(Sebastien Guyader) #269

@Morgan_Hardwood it looks like you didn’t merge the aforementioned commits to Gtk3 branch. Am I wrong?

(Morgan Hardwood) #270

Clumsy me, I merged and didn’t push… Merged again and pushed now.

(Morgan Hardwood) #271

New improvements merged.

(Sebastien Guyader) #272

New Windows 64-bit builds (Release and Debug) can be downloaded from here:

Réduction du bruit

Download link doesn’t work.

(Sebastien Guyader) #274

Yes, tonight it’s really slow to upload, sorry… I’ll update the link when it’s done.

Edit: link updated above

(Mica) #275

We are putting together a community downloads page, would you like me to start linking to these builds?

(Sebastien Guyader) #276

Sure, no problem with me.


you will find in my RT WIN32 drive:

master branch 4.2.1012 (release and debug)
GTK3 branch 4.2.1174 (release and debug)


Forgive me if this has been asked and answered.
What is the essential difference between a Master branch and a Gtk3 branch?
What differences will be apparent to the casual user?

Thanks to all those who keep revising and improving the software.


It’s only the the GU ( Graphical User Interface). The Master branch is based on GTK2, which is an older GUI.



Thanks for the reply. Has any user expressed a preference for the GUI based on GKT2 (Master Branch)? If so, in what regard?


you will find in my RT W32 drive:

master branch 4.2.1043 (release and debug)
GTK3 branch 4.2.1187 (release and debug)

Edit : link corrected

(Flössie) #282

Is the link right? Leads me to dcamprof-1.0.0-W32.


I can’t find the post, but if I remember correctly, it was confirmed, that gtk2 version opens faster, which becomes obvious, if you often start the RT editor from a file browser or a DAM tool. The last time I had gtk3 version installed (on Windows), the difference was still substantial.