New Windows builds


I will start working on it. :slight_smile:
In the meantime “TooWaBlue” should be removed for GTK 3.2x.

btw: RT 4.2.1396 doesn’t use a native Windows frame. Is this on purpose?

(Mica) #385

Update it to make it compatible with gtk 3.22! The gnome project has been breaking their own theme api regularly.

Edit: here are the changes from gtk 3.20 to 3.22

(Ingo Weyrich) #386

Can’t answer this question. Maybe @Hombre can.

(Jean-Christophe) #387

That’s the new default windows’ frame from Gtk3. I don’t know how and don’t think it’s possible to use native windows frame. It’s a little annoying because the resize feature doesn’t work so well, but overall I find the new look more consistent.


@sguyader I have a fast brand new PC with W10. As the build process I set up is automatic, including upload on my google drive, it is not time conduming and I can provide W32 and W64 builds.
Nevertheless, I would be more confident if you could verify thouroughly what I did for W64 builds (specially GTK3 builds).

@TooWaBoo I cannot downgrade my Msys2 installation to GTK18 as the generated builds crash on start. So effectively it would be fine to make your theme compatible with GTK22. Moreover this theme is said to be stable

(Ilias Giarimis) #389

@gaaned92 Hi Andre,

I also have win10-64bit and yesterday started a first try to build GTK-2 RT. I followed RTwiki’s directions step by step … I am sure that 99% :wink: of the steps were correct … During this, I captured an error message (the only one I saw).

“error: command (/usr/bin/bash /usr/bin/bash -c . /tmp/alpm_ACWg7v/.INSTALL; post_install 2.12.0-2 ) failed to execute correctly”

In the end RT is usable but something went wrong with clearlooks. I get a message at the opening in console (repeated 20 times)

(Rawtherapee.exe: 7492): Gtk -e [1; 33mWARNINGe [0m **: Unable to locate themes engine in module path: “clearlooks”,

and the GUI is an ugly mess

Can you give a hand ?.

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I installed your 4.2.1396 not long after your post and things were ok at first. The only thing I noticed was with the default skin where the left column in the editor was taking up too much real estate and if you resize it over it bounces back out… TooWaBoo has had that one before with his skin. No big deal.

Last night I went back in to edit a shot and started getting ‘no disk’ errors. It started off with just one pass through all my drives before loading the image then got worse to where it seems like I’d have to go through eacg no disk screen multiple times before moving on. They also came up when loading profiles or saving/exporting. I uninstalled 4.2.1396 and reinstalled it but got the no disk messages right away that time… Uninstalled 4.2.1396 and went back to sguyader’s 4.2.1291 and the issue went away.


I don’t use much gtk3 based rawtherapee as I feel I dont have enough room in editor panel.
Nevertheless I made tests with gtk3 branch (4.2.1291) and gtk3-bugfix branch(4.2.1396). I never stumbled upon this error.

Perhaps @Hombre already knows the problem.
To permit you to fill , if required a bug report, I am making a debug build.

I uploaded in my RT W64 drive
gtk3-bugfix builds 4.2.1403 (release and debug)

Branch: gtk3-bugfix
Version: 4.2.1403
Changeset: 17ff2281774cc9bfccac72f14b2960de914d955e
Compiler: gcc 6.2.0
Processor: generic x86
System: Windows
Bit depth: 64 bits
Gtkmm: V3.22.0
Build type: debug
Build flags: -m64 -mwin32 -mthreads -std=gnu++11 -Werror=unused-label -Werror=unknown-pragmas -Wno-aggressive-loop-optimizations -std=gnu++11 -mtune=generic -Werror=unused-label -fopenmp -Werror=unknown-pragmas -O1 -g2
Link flags: -m64 -mthreads -static-libgcc -mtune=generic -O1
OpenMP support: ON
MMAP support: ON

gtk3 is 3.22.1

these are the last versions of gtk3 and gtkmm3 available on msys2

(Jean-Christophe) #392

No, I never came across this problem. I’d recommend to delete or rename your personal options file (in your user\AppData\Local\RawTherapee directory) and start again. If still there, I’d recommend to open an issue on Github ( ) if none already exist, or if you’re not registered we’ll create it for you, but the discussion will continue there and we’ll need as much information as you can. Don’t forget to post your AboutThisBuild.txt file as well, I’d like to know which Gtk version you’re using (Gtk3.22.2 here, Win7/64 bits).


These are good news.

Do you know at what step it happened, during msys2 and dependencies installation or during RT build?

I suppose you certainly built the themes engines as explained in rawpedia.
Then you have to copy (only for gtk2 branches) thoses themes engines:

  mkdir $installdir/lib
  cp -r /c/msys64/mingw$BD/lib/gtk-2.0 $destination/lib

$BD: Bit Depth 32 or 64 depending if you build for W32 or 64
The first line creates the lib subdir in your install dir
The second line copy lib/gtk-2.0 content from your msys2 installation.

1 if you want a list of dependencies for gtk2, I can provide it. For each build I copy those dependencies from Msys2.

2 for the debug builds you can download gdb either 32 or 64bits from Equation Solution


(Sebastien Guyader) #394

My latest Windows 64-bit builds (Release and Debug) can be downloaded from here:

It took me almost 1 hour to build just these 2 bundles…

(Ilias Giarimis) #395

During msys2 and dependecies installation

I have to start MSYS2 MSYS for the above ? or MSY2 MINGW64 ?
What should I fill in “$destination” ?.
Will this work for the existing (wrong) build or only new Builds ?

Andre, thanks …



So it was during a package installation so try to redo this step where it happened.
If you don’t remember exactly, you can redo a few steps.

I use MSYS2 MSYS when I want to manage the MSYS2 installation (mainly through use of pacman). be careful to choose the 32 bit or 64 bit package when you install a new package.

To build W64 RT package, use exclusively MINGW64,
To build W32 RT package, use exclusively MINGW32,
as they define build environment.

If you want to make a build, you have a few steps

  1. CMAKE
  2. MAKE install : it installs RT in the choosen install directory
  3. copy of dependencies in the install directory
  4. then you have to copy lib/gtk2 in the install directory, and perhaps gdb for debug build

so $destination is the path to you install directory[quote=“ilias_giarimis, post:395, topic:615”]
Will this work for the existing (wrong) build or only new Builds ?
You can do that for the existing (wrong) build.
If you reinstall allways in the same install directory you have to copy once the dependencies and the lib/gtk2.
If you erase the install dir or install in other install dir, sure you have to copy again dependencies and the lib/gtk2.



I answer here to some of your PM questions as some other users can be interested

I already noticed that and it is really annoying. I still have to find the reason why on W10 you cannot install multiple instances in different directories.

Edit :
1- the Innosetup5 generated installer registers rawtherapee application under the name AppVerName. As it is not defined in the iss script, it defaults to “Rawtherapee version 4.2”.
2- when a new RT version is installed, the installer searches for a previous installation with same name in the registry and if it exists install in the same directory without asking.
So new question; why in XP or vista, the application was not registered? how to avoid registration that we dont need for nightly builds.
My future nigthly builds will register under different names.


As a workarround, rename the existing installation directory. So it’ possible to keep multiple installations.

(Morgan Hardwood) #399

@gaaned92 @sguyader @ilias_giarimis please don’t forget to update RawPedia so that the instructions are unambiguously clear - a person should be able to read through the guide from top to bottom and end up with a working compilation using the latest MSYS2 (using the gtk3-bugfix branch for now). Avoid branching paths (“you can do it this way or you can do it that way”) as that becomes confusing and impossible to maintain.


  • Use master if you’re using GTK2
  • Use gtk3-bugfix if you’re using GTK+ >=3.20
  • Use gtk3 if you’re using GTK+ <=3.18

(Sebastien Guyader) #400

The instructions I wrote on RawPedia were valid for GTK2 and GTK+ up to 3.18. I haven’t updated my MSYS2 install since then, so I can’t update the instructions for GTK+ >= 3.20.

(Morgan Hardwood) #401

Does anyone have a new master build for Windows XP 32-bit?



for Windows 32bit users you can download from my RT W32 drive release and debug builds for following branches:
master 4.2.1203
gtk3-bugfix 4.2.1408 (gtk3 3.22.1) (cannot be run on XP)
pixelshift 4.2.1232
locallab 4.2.1249

And for Windows 64 bits users, you will find in my RT W64 drive the corresponding 64bits builds.

@floessie @heckflosse when compiling locallab/iplocallab with debug option I get an error saying Mytime is undefined. Where is it defined ?

(Ingo Weyrich) #403

Can you post the error message?