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Help with theme and scaling

My old WXP PC is dead!
So I installed the msys2 toolchain on my new 64bit W10 PC. It was difficult and I think there are some bugs in the new installer.

I am first building 64 bit RT (master and GTK3), but with gtkmm 3.22, the RT UI is really ugly.
So, @sguyader could you upload GTK and GTKMM 3.18 64 bit packages that you could find in
[MSYS2 installdir]/var/cache/pacman/pkg
the names of packages could be something like
After installing them, I will suppress automatic update for those packages.

I am going to install and try mingw32 to build 32 bits versions.


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@gaaned92 André I’m sorry, but it looks like at some point I purged the packages cache from my msys2 environment, I don’t have the gtk[mm]3 packages anymore. Isn’t there an archive of these packages on the internet?

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@gaaned92 try this link, it seems to host an archive of the new and older versions of all the packages.

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@gaaned92 we are actively working on adding support for Gtk+ >=3.20 to RawTherapee, so you soon should be able to make builds using that. Follow


@sguyader thanks for the link
@Morgan_Hardwood I am aware of your efforts to solve the issue. As I am not able to help you, in the meantime, I will use 3.18.
I hope that the future GTK3 releases will remain compatible with 3.20,3.22
Edit : I found on the linked site the 3.18 versions, but the build fail due to missing entries in the" dlls. So I give up and wait for the 3.20 version

Help with theme and scaling

You will find in my W32 RT drive an
experimental master branch 4.2.1165 Windows 32bits release build.
This build is made on windows10 64bits. I tested it on this PC. It is a 32bit application and it runs ok on W10
Give me your feedback if it runs ok or not on your 32 bit PC.

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Hey @gaaned92
I confirm that works fine in Windows XP 32-bit.
But the installer wants to install to C:\Program Files\RawTherapee-master-release-4.2.1165 and to use RTmasterrelease4.2.1165 as the Start menu folder name. It would be much nicer if it installed to %PROGRAMFILES%\RawTherapee and used RawTherapee as the start menu folder.


How do you do that? have you an old pc with XP?

To do that, the modification of is straightforward. Replace
line 51 by DefaultDirName={pf}{#MyAppName}
line 52 by DefaultGroupName={#MyAppName}

These modifications should be checked and commited by @Hombre

But, while for the usual user, this will make install surely easier, for the user who wants to install a few versions (release, debug, different branches, different bit depth) to test or experiment, multiple installations will become an hassle.
So I propose that for stable version (or when you ask for) I use the above modified windowsInnosetup and I keep as it is for development builds.

Do you agree?

Help with theme and scaling
(Morgan Hardwood) #375

I run Sabayon on my work laptop with Windows XP in a virtual machine.

I agree, with a small tweak. How about this:

  • Official releases use %PROGRAMFILES%\RawTherapee as the default installation path.
    Nightly builds use %PROGRAMFILES%\RawTherapee-branch-version-buildtype (buildtype at the end).
  • All releases put shortcuts into a “RawTherapee” start menu folder.
    The shortcut name is RawTherapee 5 (or 5.1, 5.2, etc) for official releases, and
    RawTherapee branch version buildtype for nightlies.

Then things look nice for people who only install official releases and for people who install nightlies.


As I will build 32 and 64 bit builds on the same pc, I would like to add the bit depth for nightly builds.
I have to test the second point.

(Jean-Christophe) #377

Also don’t forget that you can set the RT_CACHE and RT_SETTINGS environment parameters if you don’t want to mix up your production cache and settings from the debug ones.


Thank you @Hombre to remind me this feature.

You can find in my RT W32 drive

master W32 build 4.2.1171 (release and debug)

edit (10/11/2016)
You can also find
locallab W32 build 4.2.1230 (release and debug)
gtk3-bugfix W32 build 4.2.1362 (release and debug) (not usable on XP)

Please bear in mind that those locallab and gtk3-bugfix branches are provided only for test purpose. Basically, you could loose PP3 compatibility and miss out improvements and bugfixes present in main master and gtk3 branches.

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It’s been 40 days since my last Win64 RT update…


If it can comfort you, some W64 builds are available here RT W64 builds .

Be aware that they are only test builds provided waiting Sguyader builds. Thus there could be differences. If you notice some, let me know.

(Sebastien Guyader) #381

Sorry for the delay, I was just hoping to release RT5 builds, I thought these would come by the end of October.
It’s not easy for me to make Win64 builds, my system runs Linux and I make the Win64 builds in a Win7 virtual machine which is makes the building process pretty slow.
@gaaned92 if your Win64 builds run fine, would you agree to make them from now on?


I’ve tested version 4.2.1396 from @gaaned92. It uses GTK 3.22. My Theme “TooWaBlue” is not compatible with GTK 3.20 or higher.

(Ingo Weyrich) #383

Unfortunately, because I like “TooWaBlue” very much !!! Is there anything we can do to make it compatible with >= 3.20?