next live meeting April 30 17:00 UTC


the next live meeting will be on April 30, 17:00 UTC.


@Andy_Astbury1 and @Wayne_Sutton will talk about RawTherapee 5.9.

This is the link to the Jitsi room:

Please participate!



OK - remind me on the 29th Anna!

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ok, I will remind you.

If you bookmark the thread, you can set a reminder. Not sure if you will get an email notification as well.

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note that the program has changed because of a sad reason
I am thinking of alternatives
Well, maybe one more thing: we are planning to postpone the RT 5.9 session, but we don’t know the date yet.

EDIT April 14: The RT 5.9 session can happen afterall. The program was updated.

est-ce que c’est possible que nous faisons un meeting en anglais et francais? La question en angails et la reponse en francais? Et l’autre direction?

Peut-être avec traduction ?

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pas de problème en ce qui me concerne

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bon, alors moi, je vais essayer melanger l’anglais et le francais et faire un peu de comédie. Je peux écrire un peu mais je n’ai pas parlé francais il y a 15 ans.
Je crois que quelques developpeurs de RT sont francais, et ils ne veulent pas parler anglais parce que leur prononciacion et leur grammaire n’est pas parfait. Comme beaucoup de francais, probablement ils parlent mieux anglais que les espagnols et les italiens. Mais on ne peut forcer personne.

I noticed that although this is pinned the thread isn’t at the top when I don’t log in. I am guessing there is a category pin and a site wide one? Hoping for more visibility since 2 folks will be talking about RT 5.9.

There ya go.

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@betazoid perhaps try this time?

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I’ll try to join too! Doing things bilingually will be a bit challenging, but we’ll probably manage. My French is rusty…

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I am planning on joining this meeting.

There is a short test meeting tomorrow (Wednesday April 28), at 13:00 UTC = 14:00 UK = 15:00 CET

Just so we can make sure that the technolgy/hardware works properly.

coward :wink: