Next Live Meeting: Sun Feb 13 18:00 UTC

We are already in, in case you want to join early.
Recording is running.

Wasn’t able to understand much (HOH). Had to postpone my G’MIC presentation. And from what I saw, I don’t think my mic test pass since it’s probably way too soft.

I would like to thank all the participants. Let me know what you thought about the meeting and how you would like to format to improve. (Personal feedback is welcome too. I want to improve as well. :wink:)

I decided maybe weekend isn’t the best for me. Is anyone up for weekday before 21:00 UTC?

Weekdays would be inconvenient for most people because they are typically working days. However, I could change the format from a live meeting into an interview or short presentation. Would you be up for that? Let me know when it would be a good time for you and I will let you know if that aligns with my schedule.

As for the next live meeting, I am considering doing a Saturday with a different start time to allow people from other parts of the world to participate.

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I’ll have to see if I can manage to get a presentation ready for the next time in that case. I’ll let you know if I do.

Thank you for organizing the meetup @afre!
I hope my presentation was interesting even tough it was quite technical.


@kofa is it possible to share the link to the recorded video?

Yes, of course, that’s why it was recorded. :slight_smile:
I haven’t had time today, but will try to get it online tonight; or tomorrow morning, at the latest.


Sure, no stress, take your time, thanks!

special thanks to @kofa for the technical organization !!!


The recording is now online. I’ve removed a few minutes from the beginning (until Marc joined), and a few bits in the middle when everyone was just waiting for someone else to speak :slight_smile:. I’ve run the audio through a compressor in Audacity, hoping to get more even volume. Finally, I’ve added some jump links to different sections of the video.
Thank you for joining!


Please let me know if you want to do another within a month; if not (or not via Google Meet), I’ll cancel the subscription. In the long run, we’d have to figure something out, as I think currently only I can start the call and let people join. Sharing the password to the Google account is not something with which I’d be comfortable.

So, I cancelled the subscription, and the good news is that Google only billed me the fractional month. This means that we can subscribe just for the day when we have a meeting, then cancel, and pay 1-2 dollars/euros/CHF.


@kofa That is a good deal.
@jandren Lovely smile on the video’s preview image. :slight_smile:

Darn it, I keep missing these! :frowning:

@plaven Was it a matter of timing, busyness or awareness? I already posted Let us plan for the Next Live Meeting if you would like to make any suggestions for the next one.

Thanks for @afre for organizing and those who spoke!

Thanks for posting the video. I have not been able to attend one yet but would love to at some point. It was nice to put a face to a name and see you guys interacting…much appreciated…

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hey @afre , just awareness. I missed the original announcement.

I just need to log in a bit more often. :slight_smile: