Night scene - At the bar

My goal here was to preserve the mood of the scene as my memory recalls it. The yellowish tint comes from heavy street illumination, as well from the warm light in the bar.
I struggled against a green tint until I finally applied the method drafted here. With that, I added two more Color Balance instances to bring more harmony to the depiction while trying to stick with my memory.
I’m relatively satisfied with this rendering but I’m really curious to see what others do, not only in darktable, but also with other programs.
One side note to @qdwang, qrp didn’t show any clipped areas, although darktable does it on the church.

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This is what I get. Thanks for sharing.

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My version


Hello, difficult one! Next time, please do two steps to the left so the church with that difficult light hides behind that door. :wink: Processed in Art, mask on the church, second mask inverted (so non-church).

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Dt 3.7


@yteaot this treatment is excellent!

1 Like (19.7 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development

Nice shot to work on with just the right amount of challenges. Everybody seems to be struggling with the church, which is to be expected I guess…

You, @gadolf , mentioned the yellowish street lights coming in. I would have left the scene more orangey if you hadn’t mentioned that. Not having been there I can only guess and sideways peek at your edit to get a feel about that part.


I tried to neutralize the blue color cast. And think it would have been much easier that this area was not overexposed. In any case, this was a nice exercise.

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darktable 3.7.0~git702.851a4ac2b7-1


I have tried to make the inside neutral not disturbing the blue church
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I’d like to improve the luminance clipping method in QRP. But according to Rawtherapee and darktable, the models they use a different.

Let’s assume the upper threshold is U, the lower threshold is L

Software Shadow Highlight
Rawtherapee R < L and G < L and B < L R > U or G > U or B > U
darktable same as Rawtherapee R > U and G > U and B > U

Which one is used mostly? Or maybe I shall implement both?

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thanks for posting
darktable 3.6

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Maybe @heckflosse and @hannoschwalm can shed some light here?

This is great :slight_smile:
Reminds me a lot of Edward Hopper’s paintings.

Thanks for sharing all your different interpretations.

To start with, the church is illuminated by a very strong blue light, and @Rajkhand’s gets closer to it, although it lacks the purple accent present in mine. Next time, maybe I follow @paulmatth’s advice, or ask the priest to shutdown the lights for a while :grinning:

As for the interior, although the street lights (tungsten?) spread a strong yellowish tint, I think I failed it in my edit. Last night I got back to the scene and the interior is not as yellow, dark and flat as in my edit, so I would stay somewhere between @Rajkhand’s and @paulmatth’s, if we’re trying to go the realistic depict way.

In the end, when I thought I was mastering raw editing, I realize that I have to get back to Introductory Edit Class again :stuck_out_tongue:. That’s fine, a sign that things evolve.

I’m not sure if “mastering raw editing” exists, as raw editing always involves interpretation and personal taste - and monitors! :wink:
Be happy that things evolve for you, it’s always good to learn new things or to do existing things (your raw skills) better.


I was trying to change the annoying purple hue into something more yellow-ish in RT, but failed miserably!

DSC_8666_RT-1.jpg.out.pp3 (15.7 KB)

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Unless you want an artistic depiction, purple-blue is what that light looks like at night, more a less like my edit.

For reference, I took this minutes ago while walking the dog (cheap smartphone). They left one of the bulbs turned on, it might give a clue to what the hue might look like (look at the bulb borders)


Oh sorry, I thought it comes from the difference in colour temperature between inside the bar and church illumination :sweat_smile:
Do they use blue tinted LED light?

Some changes in GIMP-LAB