Nightly Development Builds for Windows Users

The latest Windows version on is a week old. I thought the building was meant to be automated, or is that just for Linux users?


@RichardRegal there is a problem with one of the required dependencies that prevents the successful build.

@gaaned92: do we still need to use libjpeg-turbo-1.5.3-1? It seems it has been removed from the MSYS2 repositories, and only libjpeg-turbo-2.0.* is available.

@afre thanks for the heads up!

Oh, that could be problematic. There is still an open issue related to that:

Thanks for the link, I have left a comment on the github issue to continue the discussion there…

I made no progress on that. I pay attention to have 1.5.3-1 installed as I have it in a local directory.

I don’t know if last version is ok. I will try when I have time that is in two days.

With @heckflosse patch, I can build with last libjpeg-turbo and open jpeg files.
waiting for a definitive correction, I agree with @heckflosse to commit in dev.

Now I wonder why RT doesn’t use the original version included in libjpeg-turbo package.

So do I…

Just logging in to say thank you for working this.

Any news on this?

@RichardRegal Yes, the issue was fixed and RawTherapee should now build with the latest libjpeg-turbo package.

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@Carmelo_DrRaw I am not sure why the latest automated build is from October 7th though… is something still holding it back?

I had to bump the version of the lensfun package as well, just fixed it… jobs are running:

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@Thanatomanic @Carmelo_DrRaw
Thanks. I look forward to tomorrow.

@RichardRegal @Thanatomanic @gaaned92 a new automated package is finally available. Could you check to see if everything works as expected?


@Carmelo_DrRaw Thanks for the prompt update. I have downloaded it. It works as expected and the particular problems I reported have been fixed.