Nikon D4 import from lighttable


i use darktable on windows and everything works fine
except Import using scan from devices in the lighttable

it 's ok on debian strech but nothing happens using darktable 2.3.0+1049 on w10.


Nikon D4

Please contribute the full sample set from that camera to the RPU.
See Raw Samples Wanted, Keep the Raws Coming

i have no problem with raw files
import from folder works fine.

i have problem with detection of my device under w10


And if you want it to stay that way, you need to contribute the requested samples :slight_smile:

For direct camera connections (tethering and downloading files) we use libgphoto2. Which in turn relies on some USB features the standard camera drivers on Windows don’t support. There are alternative drivers you can install, replacing your standard driver, but that comes with potential problems, too: Windows removes them when updating and other Windows software you use to access the camera might no longer work.
See for more details.

Thanks a lot
i am going to look at the link you gave me.

Let me try to try to explain the reasoning.

Well-established image compression standards like JPEG, PNG, etc, are well-documented,
have accessible specifications, multitude of software/libraries capable of writing and reading
these formats. The raw images are however entirely different.

Each camera manufacturer basically invents something new, and does not provide any
specifications. Thus, what is needed to actually properly decode the given raw file is not
quite specified, thus it is not possible to compare the specification and the implementation
and check that implementation is adhering to the specification.

However, there are all these cameras out there, that produce raw images, and interest in them
being decoded by the free software/non-manufacturer-provided software/etc. So what we can
do, is to just take the image[s], and then just look (not necessarily by eyes) that they decode properly.

But unfortunately it is again not that easy. There is not just one common raw format, but there
are loads of them (at least one per camera manufacturer), and there are variations within the format…
So just some one sample won’t do it. We have to have an repository of raw samples, that hopefully
has good coverage of the entire herd of the raws. Thus, at this moment in time, we have RPU.

Nikon is a particularly finicky case, in most recent cameras, there are at least raw 8 variations that need to be covered:

  • 12bit-compressed
  • 12bit-uncompressed
  • 12bit-lossless-compressed
  • 14bit-compressed
  • 14bit-uncompressed
  • 14bit-lossless-compressed
  • small NEF
  • medium NEF

As i have already said, for Nikon D4, we only have one sample. Thus, we don’t know that all the
known raw flavors decode properly. And, we can not ensure that they will not regress, will not stop
being decoded properly. I don’t know whether you care or not. I’m simply trying to paint the picture.

The Nikon D4 is a 16.2-megapixel professional-grade full frame digital single-lens reflex camera, so i imagine there aren’t a lot of these in use by the people using free software,
and even less of them are aware of what ^ i have wrote.

So @zlippy, please, consider contributing these raws.


hi Roman,

i have send all 12bit and 14bit format to RPU. i don’t find small and medium NEF on my D4.
Hope this Help.
Can i help for noise profile because it doesn’t exist ?


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Awesome! Thank you very much, validated!

See profiling sensor and photon noise post, section “how to profile your camera”.
Basically you could just take the appropriate raw ISO series (each possible selectable iso, including sub-steps, and extended low/hi), upload them somewhere, and open a new bug in redmine