Nikon Z50 camera support

Hi friends …
First of all I am a new user on darktable 3.0
Also I am owner of a Nikon Z50.
I tried to read camera’s RAW (NEF) files with darktable 3.0.
and I got the message …

working …
NIKON CORPORATION NIKON Z50 color matrix not found.

I guess I have to wait for a camera module update.
Is this something I’ve done wrong?
Thanks in advance.
Darktable suggestion seems so familiar with marketers.
I look forward to using it.

You are correct that the Z50 isn’t supported yet. You can help by submitting sample images to - all the details of the necessary shots are on the page.

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Give me a couple of days … My pleasure to help

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I think its Ok. I upload some shoots in different formats. In my case I have just two choices. 12 and 14 bit compression. If there is any problem with my uploads just mention it to correct it.

The problem ( “NIKON CORPORATION NIKON Z50 color matrix not found.”) still remains …
I checked the camera list and there is raw support for nikon z 50.
I also sent files two months ago.
What is going wrong.
I made a clean installation again but nothing happens. the message remains the same. “NIKON CORPORATION NIKON Z50 color matrix not found.”

Finally how can I import raw file support for nikon z50 in the darktable?

PS. I am a Microsoft windows user

What version of darktable have you tried?



Can you try 3.0.1?

I just tried.

The problem remains with a different message

“loading image DSC_xxxx.NEF…”
after that nothing happens.

Jpeg files can be imported. As you can see raw files has this skull image.

Could you please upload one of your RAW image files?

DSC_1265.NEF (25.1 MB) My pleasure

Thank you!
Now, I am back after having had a good dinner :slight_smile:

This might be a depressing piece of news, but your .NEF opens perfectly well in

  • darktable
  • RawTherapee
  • Art

under Linux Manjaro/KDE.

Since you use another operating system, it sounds as if your problem might have something to do with that specific implementation…

Claes in Lund, Sweden

Thank you Clae

I hope another darktable windows user open my file and remarks the result.

Chios Greece

I see the same problem using the flatpak of 3.0.1. I bet it is a rawspeed version issue.

@LebedevRI, can you provide any insights here?


It’s not supported in 3.0.x because no one propagated support there.
Ask stable branch maintainer for more details.


hi, I having similar problem.
I have windows 10, darktable 3.0.2
the message is: Nikon Z 50 color matrix not found.
If I import my or siliadakis .NEF raw file I see some colors (it is normally bright) in light room, if I open file in dark room and do any edit I will loose colors and brightness.

Hello, all. I’m a long-time Darktable user (though by no means an expert) but am new to version 3.01 and to my Nikon Z 50. I’ve been following this thread and wanted to share my experience.

I’m running on Pop OS 20.04 LTS Linux zjc_0302.nef (23.0 MB) (an Ubuntu variation) and using Darktable 3.01.

I, also, get the ““loading image” error. I can see thumbnails of my NEFs but the images will not load in the lighttable.

Attaching a file…

Nikon Z50 basic support was released with darktable 3.0.2. So, probably Pop OS is a bit outdated there.

Thanks, Olivier. I knew version might play into it but had been unable to find a definitive statement of when Z 50 support was granted. Appreciated.

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Upgrading to 3.02 took care of it. Thanks, all.