Nikon Z50 camera support

Hi friends …
First of all I am a new user on darktable 3.0
Also I am owner of a Nikon Z50.
I tried to read camera’s RAW (NEF) files with darktable 3.0.
and I got the message …

working …
NIKON CORPORATION NIKON Z50 color matrix not found.

I guess I have to wait for a camera module update.
Is this something I’ve done wrong?
Thanks in advance.
Darktable suggestion seems so familiar with marketers.
I look forward to using it.

You are correct that the Z50 isn’t supported yet. You can help by submitting sample images to - all the details of the necessary shots are on the page.

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Give me a couple of days … My pleasure to help

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I think its Ok. I upload some shoots in different formats. In my case I have just two choices. 12 and 14 bit compression. If there is any problem with my uploads just mention it to correct it.