No color label and rating in jpg output

(Le Poittevin) #1

Good morning, I am a new user of rawtherapee under fedora 25, version 4.2.1234. I did several tests but I can not find the color labels and the notations (rating) in the jpg files during an output processing. The file corresponds to the processing, and the other metadata is present. Is there an option to check that I would not have seen? Thank you.

(Pat David) #2

Are you saying that you’d like to embed that information in the EXIF data of the jpeg?

(Le Poittevin) #4

When I assign a color label and a star then I export in jpg my raw file, labels and stars are not assigned to the jpg file. I use xnviewmp to view it and yes it was in the exif data. Hope to have been clearer. And thank you for looking into my problem.


I have the same issue and yes I want to have these information in exif of JPEG. Is it possible to do it automatically during export from RAW?

(Mica) #6

Yes, there is an option in the preferences to enable image metadata on export.


I am so sorry, but do you mean checkbox Image Processing / Copy Exif/IPTC/XMP unchanged to output file?
Because it does not help due to non changed raw file I think. The rating is in PP3 file, but not in exif. It probably help if I rate originial RAW in some other program, not in RT.
My use case:
Open RAW in RT, change in editor, rate 1-5 star, add to queue and export. But unfortunately in exif of exported jpeg is not rating…
Thanks for answer

(Morgan Hardwood) #8

I believe the root of the problem is that there is no de jure standard way to rate photos using Exif. The only Exif tags I know of which relate to this are:

0x4746 - Exif.Image.Rating - Rating tag used by Windows
0x4749 - RatingPercent - Rating tag used by Windows, value in percent

but despite the tags existing the values they contain follow no standard I’m aware of.

Let’s try something. Here are three photos, I set the Exif rating tags manually using ExifTool: one uses the Rating tag, the other uses the RatingPercent tag, the third is without these tags straight out of RT. Does your “other software” show the ratings at all?

The 5-star rating system seems to be a de facto standard, though how its implemented under the surface probably varies. It seems that:

  • Exif is generally not used for ratings,
  • IPTC might be, but it has been superseded by XMP so no point wasting time on obsolete technology,
  • XMP is used for rating.

The XMP spec has this to say about xmp:Rating:

Issue opened:


So, my “other program”, what I used, is Photo Station for NAS servers by Synology. And it accept ratings only in your amsterdam_Rating_3. In other pictures there are no ratings :frowning: