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Is there any problem in buying an old camera model, say, from 2014?
Assuming the camera has not been used, which camera components may suffer with the course of time, even being packed and sealed inside the factory box?
I can only think of lens fungus or something like that, as well as batteries loosing their charging capacity.



If it is indeed new in the box there shouldn’t be any problem, especially since a model from 2014 isn’t that old, maybe the batteries but since those are stored discharged it shouldn’t be a big issue.

If it is second hand shutter count might be an issue, but even then depends on how much it was used


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Thanks for the quick reply.

I wonder if the sensor may suffer from the course of time…



Theoretically maybe but the timescale for that will be so long that you won’t notice it in your lifetime :wink: (or the lifetime of any grandchildren for that matter)

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(Glenn Butcher) #5

If it has weather sealing, check to insure the seals are still viable.

Interesting question, got me to wondering about the dyes they use on the CFA. I haven’t read or heard about any age/light degradation, but things with a specified color tend to change over time. Fuji thinks highly of their product in that regard:
“Resistance: Excellent heat and light resistance”

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So, there must be some numbers that allowed them to measure “Resistance”, and those numbers could eventually suggest an estimated lifetime, isn’t it?

Thanks for pointing that.

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Cosmic rays could damage things, albeit slowly over a long period of time. Any camera would be a step up from your already hot and dead pixel filled P&S! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hi @gadolf! By a camera I think that you mean a DSLR or MLS camera. They are all crafted with precision and are supposed to last at least 150000 actuations. The chronological time has very little effect on the components for at least 10 years.
It is a tragedy of our times that we tend to discard such magnificent instruments after just a few years because of existence of a newer and shinier alternative. I will strongly recommend that you go for a non professionally owned used DSLR of 2014 vintage. Chances are that not more than a few thousand photos would have been taken on such a camera. Cheers.
EDIT: After I wrote this message I did some net search and I found these interesting links comparing a 2005 model to the latest version:


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(Glenn Butcher) #9

My apologies, day job compels me to think thusly, looking for risks no matter what likelihood…

In this realm, I think shutter count is the main consideration. Me, I buy new camera bodies, refurbed lenses.



Might be informative: http://www.olegkikin.com/shutterlife/.


(Gustavo Adolfo) #12

Do you think it would still be an interesting camera to use, this 5D? It’s from 2005 …



What camera? The Sony A7 came out in 2013 and is still a good camera. They are very easy to find in the market.



No, my latest camera purchase was a camera that came out in 2007.

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(Shreedhar Inamdar) #15

No. Not if you are going to start with it now. But if you happen to have it anyway, then it is still not a bad camera at all. I gave this as an example to illustrate my point that old cameras are still very very good.


(Gustavo Adolfo) #16

Well, I must say that, given my limited budget, the possibility of having a full frame camera, specifically one that seems to be still valuable, is tempting me.

What do you mean by if you are going to start with it now?


(Shreedhar Inamdar) #17

I mean if you are buying it now. As opposed to having one already and looking for another camera.
I remember you saying once that you are very comfortable with your old Canon powershot because you felt safe in Rio to go anywhere with it. Trouble with full frame will be that it will take away that advantage. Also, your entries in this forum are mostly Street photographical in nature. May be you can explore Ricoh or Fuji XQ1/2 small cameras? Just a thought. I have XQ1 and it is quite good, although now I am trying to learn mobile photography so it is not used often.

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(Alessandro Amato Del Monte (Aadm)) #18

I don’t know much Canon but consider also a Nikon D600(*). It has essentially the same sensor of one of the best full frame cameras ever (D750, praised by almost everybody) and because of internet shaming(**) it is now sold for very little money (in Italy they’re easy to find for around 600 euros!). Good AF, robust, excellent sensor (I said it already, I know, but it’s worth stressing out this point; it should be better than Canon’s 5D mk I, II and perhaps III sensor, but check out the numerical tests on internet if you want, the dxo mark stuff).

(*) I’ve been using my D600 since 2013, lately it has seen little use because I prefer the compactness of a Fuji XT2, but if terms of absolute image quality and raw speed it still is better than the Fuji.

(**) google “dirty sensor” or something like that and check by yourself.


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Thanks to all for the feedback.

@shreedhar please, don’t want to put a burden on you, but your example turned into reality. I bought a second hand 5D.

@aadm I considered the Nikon way, but even those old models you’ve mentioned are above my budget threshold.

It seems noisier than the tests on the internet show for this model.

(sorry uploading the full size images, if there’s a problem with that just let me know)

Only basecurve applied in Darktable

ISO 100

ISO 400

ISO 800

ISO 1000

Let me know your thoughts

EDIT: I just bought the body. The lens is an old Canon 35-80 from an old SLR I have (Canon EOS Rebel G)



Good evening, Rei,

What? Do you still apply the Basecurve???

Congratulations to your new body. I hope
you will have great fun with it!

BTW: 5D mk??

Claes in Lund, Sweden


(Shreedhar Inamdar) #21

Congrats! I know that you will enjoy this.

As for the lens, I bought a used EF 28-105 /1:3.5-4.5 II USM on ebay for about 120 USD to go with my 6D. Extremely happy with it. The lens coming with old film Rebel camera is not a good one.

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