...On all the university computers...

(Pat Cunn) #1

Hello, I am a student at Western Washington University, and I can’t help but share my excitement with you folks. I am in the process of lobbying the tech team to install Rawtherapee on all the university computer lab computers.

My hope being, is that it will be easier to lead to more people discovering Rawtherapee, as there are about 3,000 + students per graduating class here. More use, awareness, maybe donations, and even potential developer recruits from the CS department is of course welcome. I also believe the results of Rawtherapee to be aesthetically superior to Lightroom when similar things are done.

(I secretly want to render raw video on multiple computers at once, but don’t tell anyone - shhh!)

Update: I will also have sample raw files to contribute, from the Sony FS7 cinema camera this Tuesday (not the one actually shooting it), and will make a separate post when I do.



I think your recent project is a good example. :+1:


(Pat Cunn) #4

Thanks Afre,
Are you talking good example of me raising awareness about Rawtherapee, or me showing off the capabilities of Rawtherapee?



This is RT in action: Short video shot raw, processed/color graded in Rawtherapee.