Open In Photoshop Plugin for Darktable - Available Now


(Kevin E) #1

Find it here:

Not sure how many people here do use Photoshop, probably not many, but I still do. As such I find it convenient to be able to select an image in dt and have it open in PS, bypassing the need to navigate through piles of folder to find the image and open it.

As of now this strictly opens the selected image (does not export, so your dt edits will NOT carry over. I do hope to add that functionality soon though).

When selecting multiple RAW files only the first one will be opened, however, selecting multiple JPG or TIF they will all open as separate images in PS.

RAW files will open in ACR within PS.

(Kevin E) #2

I have update the plug-in on github. It now includes “export to Photoshop” capabilities in addition to “open in photoshop”. Installing this one plug-in should give you two new features:

  1. A box in lightroom view titled “open in photoshop” with a single “open” button
  2. A new storage method under Export titled “Export to photoshop”

Under Export to photoshop you must select an output directory for the files. The plug-in will automatically remember your last used directory and set that for use next time darktable starts for convenience.


This is great, thanks for sharing it!!
I’ll definitely give it a try, it can be very useful.

(Kevin E) #4

Made a minor update to this to support filepaths with spaces. This update requires you also update you other lua scripts to the latest.

updated script

get the latest lua scripts here