OpenFX Plugin Development/Debugging on Windows



i want to start develop my own OpenFX Plugin, but i am struggling with building my Development Enviroment and workflow.

  • currently i use Visual Studio 2017 with the Visual Studio 2015 (v140) Toolchain for compiling
  • Plugins are compiling correctly

But for easier development and bug finding i would like to use the VS Debugger
So i tried to attach natron-bin.exe and natron.exe to my debugger, but this didn’t work with resolve it worked this way

so wich setup and workflow would you recommend?

where can i find the console output made with


thank you very much for your help



answer from Frederic Devernay (!msg/natron-vfx/8gChX4p8E1c/ukMT7buMCgAJ)

If you launch natron from the command-line, you should see the messages there.
OFX::log() logs by default to a file names ofxTestLog.txt, which may be located next to natron.exe or in the plugins dir, I don’t remember. Look for that file.
I don’t have a windows machine, so I can’t help you more.
Natron is built with MSYS/MINGW, and I don’t know if the VS debugger can be attached to an MSYS/MINGW binary. Try google.

Anyway, this forum is not active anymore, and you should ask your questions on the new forum at

There is also a discussion on building Natron for windows there: Building Natron on Windows from scratch

Maybe Windows users will be able to help you



so would you recommend to move the general development of plugins to linux?

(Frédéric Devernay) #4

I do not recommend anything (I’m on macOS), but I just don’t have the recipe to debug on Windows. I hope someone can help and we can put it in the docs