Opening raw with right-click 'open with' has no file explorer.. bug/issue?

(Philip B) #1

I often like to open a file by right clicking it in windows explorer, using the ‘open with’ right click menu.

The problem is that when I use this method to open a raw in RT the resulting instance of RT does not have a file explorer tab or any apparent way to include or navigate to other raw files.

Is it just me? Is there a solution to this? It would be nice to be able to include other files in a RT session/instance invoked in this manner. Ultimately it would be nice to simply have RT open to the file explorer tab with the file highlighted in its folder location with the other files in that location.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

(Philip B) #3

Hey thanks for the reply. Im just not sure what it means?


It means, that others want this feature too. :slight_smile: but it’s not implemented yet.

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

And it means that it’s not a bug.

(Philip B) #6

Ahhh, okay. Great.



My 2 cents are that if we remove the “no file browser” mode, someone will complain because the file browser takes too much memory for its little peecee. So I guess that we should have both ?

(Philip B) #8

It would just be great to have it as an option in settings…to be able to choose…

Just like having the RGB values show out of 255 rather than as a % (this is another future hope). Just as an option tucked away in the setting somewhere.

(Philip B) #9

Have been hoping to see the option to open a instance with right click that brings up the full program with file browser.

Please make it so masters of code!

Just remembered so thought id bump it.

(Morgan Hardwood) #10

It’s possible, add -R to your command-line or shortcut.


What I use mainly:

right click on folder to open context menu
then click on “browse with rawtherapee”

(Philip B) #12

Hi Morgan,

I don’t use command line version at all. Just GUI.

Can you explain how I would add that to the shortcut, in windows. Just a simple explanation, I’m not familiar with that.

(Philip B) #13

Humm, my right click menu doesn’t show a browse by RT opton. It has the option for Adobe bridge and also faststone viewer.

Is there a way i can get that to register in the context menu.

PS, thanks for all the help guys…Much appreciated!


On windows, I wrongly thought this feature was present in 5.2. I don’t remember when it was added. It will be present in 5.3
With this feature, when installing with installer (not with zip) you have the possibility to add “browse with Rawtherapee” to the directory context menu.
If you want you can test
available at

(Philip B) #15

Thank you. If its possible can this option also be added for individual files as well as folders? Files is ideal because often you know which photo, and in a folder with lots of photos it still takes a few seconds to load all the thumbnails and then find the image.

Like two entries, open with RT editor and open with RT?


@PhilipB Sorry, as I am not a developper, I cannot answer

(Philip B) #17

Can anyone give me hint on how i would add -R to a shortcut on windows. Perhaps that is the solution? Im just not sure how to implement it.


RT in remote mode as IrfanView’s external editor:

ExternalViewer8=C:\Program Files\RawTherapee\rawtherapee.exe "-R "%1""

(in i_view64.ini)

An easy way to add it to Windows context menu for needed file formats, is using FileTypesMan from NirSoft.

(Philip B) #19

Awsome! Thanks Jacal

I was able to use it in faststone viewer as well.

Thanks for the help everyone!

(Colin P Dyer) #20

Another Windows work around is to create a batch file, say “RT.bat” containing the following

if not %1=="" “C:\Program Files\RawTherapee\5.3\rawtherapee.exe” -R “%~1”

and setting this to be your default program for whatever type of files you choose.

Works well for me with FastStone and Photo Mechanic

If used a few times in W10 File Explorer with “Open with” > “Choose another app” it will stay in the list so quite easy to invoke on an ad hoc basis

Need “” around %~1 to open files with spaces in name