OSX: Request for tests due to issues with upcoming release

with recent development builds i encountered some issues with new style preview macos: style preview causes to crash darktable · Issue #12962 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub and HLR segmentation based: HLR segmentation based: weird segmentation masks in combination with waveform/parade mode histogram · Issue #12913 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub
Unfortunately not reproducible with linux and windows. Since i can test just one system configuration it can be an edge case but also a common issue. Maybe there’re even more in functions i don’t use …

So please test the upcoming release (best with your own custom builds intel based and m1) - bugfixing phase ends soon …
you can find intel based builds at: current OSX Build

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I can do it this weekend.

Is there some check list of features/functionalities that is always checked per release? We do this at work.

a list of new stuff you can find in darktable/RELEASE_NOTES.md at master · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

I will test it from tomorrow on. Feedback follows.

I am happy to try it. However, how can I prevent it from converting the database from the stable version of dt I am currently using? Thanks

You can run it from the command line and pass in a new configuration directory with --configdir /path/to/directory. See darktable 4.0 user manual - darktable.

It’s also worth taking a backup of your current config first just in case.

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best copy some test images to a separate directory to avoid overwriting existing xmps…

Confirming both problems with the current OSX build provided by @MStraeten. The HLR artifacts however appear for me only on a .RAF (fuji, x-trans) file, and not on canon, nikon, panasonic or olympus ones (these are all raw files provided by dpreview image comparison tool).

My OSX version is 12.6

hope this helps

Don’t forget you should check

  1. images should have pixels blown out :slight_smile:
  2. Comment on mask buttons pressing
  3. Is that problem related to histogram mode?
  1. confirmed (small specular highlights)
  2. I pressed the mask button of the slider labeled “combine”, but strangely enough now I am not able to reproduce the artifacts now (they were horizontal streaks). Now I can only see the specular highlights correctly segmented out with colored lines, also for the .RAF (x-trans) file. I have the feeling that the artifact may depend on how much resources the cpu/graphic card is using for other tasks at the same time.
  3. The behavior in point 2, does not change when I change the histogram mode

hope this helps

Tested, style preview crashes on my Mac, HLR masks show no issues. Added more information to the issue threads.

And may I add that we need more developers on MacOS ! Users are expecting lot those days as darktable is really mature and provide good set of features… But with such a lack of developers on MacOS (same with Windows) we just cannot deliver something with the expected reliability and usability. So please, testing is nice… but helping will be far better for the community. Thanks!


I would love to. It is some time ago that I wrote code. The question is where and how to start contributing efficiently. DT is quite a complex project/code. Starting reading code from scratch might be quite time consuming. Any hints for a first quick Start very much welcome…

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To contribute the first step is to clone the repository, setup the build environment (as I understand this is not fully trivial on MacOS) and start build and running the “dev” version. From there reading code, adding patches, testing code running the debugger can be discussed.

For building, after cloning the sources in the repository you’ll find some doc to build:

$ ls packaging/macosx/
1_install_hb_dependencies.sh     defaults.list
2_build_hb_darktable_custom.sh   gtk-mac-bundler-0.7.4.patch
2_build_hb_darktable_default.sh  Icons.icns
3_make_hb_darktable_package.sh   Info.plist
4_make_hb_darktable_dmg.sh       make-app-bundle
BUILD-ARM64.txt                  open.desktop
BUILD_hb.txt                     settings.ini
BUILD.txt                        Y_cleanup_hb_darktable.sh

If you have questions, better open an issue on GitHub and ask for help. Our expert on MacOS is parafin.

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@Pascal_Obry thanks a lot. I will give it a try.

build with fix for style preview: current OSX Build - #583 by MStraeten

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