Perspective Control Module - anyone understand??

If this is the new perspective control module, can someone explain it to me please - specifically the controls in the red area?

I can’t, but the Ais lens in background looks like an Ais 24mm/2.0, right?

The bottom three are fairly straightforward and try to automatically do the following:

  • Bottom left: Vertical correction
  • Bottom middle: Horizontal correction
  • Bottom right: Combination of the first two

The top row I understand half:

When activating the top left you can set one (or more) lines.

  • Activate pencil,
  • Ctrl-click on a point. I looks like 1 white dot, but there are two. You can drag one to another point (the part of the building that needs straightening).
  • There’s an up-down (or left-right) arrow in the middle of the line. This sets vertical or horizontal.
  • Once you’ve set the line you can press the top middle button (check mark) to make it so.
  • If you want to remove the points: click top left and then top right.

I really don’t know how to work with dual or triple lines or how you can combine horizontal and vertical this way though.

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And nope - 28mm f2.8 - only use it with a reversing ring on extension tubes for shots like:


It isn’t too intuitive and once you made a mistake you need to start over. Corresponding values are entered in the above sliders when clicking on the check button and those need to be cleared.

EDIT: Nice Common Blue Damselfly!


Thank you!

There’s a lack of documentation at the moment. This is all there is:

You can quickly draw lines by using ctrl + click-and-drag. Using this method will automatically set the line type (vertical or horizontal) based on the angle of the line. Delete lines by right clicking them. Slider values don’t need to be cleared if you want to make a minor adjustment to the control lines. Just hit the edit button, re-adjust the lines, and apply again. You can also easily undo the newly applied valued using the history panel. Read the above link for more details, such as using multiple lines and correcting in the vertical and/or horizontal directions.


Cheers - all good now :+1:

thanks for the video. that building looks amazing. if you don’t mind me asking, where was the picture taken? it reminds me of my latest trip to Romania :slight_smile:

First the important part: Who took this picture? 'cause I did not…

Credit: @Thomas_Do (Villa BlĂĽthner)

As mentioned by him this mansion is in Leipzig (Germany)

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