perspective conversion


Very lacking is a good perspective conversion, such as in GIMP 2.8

(Mica) #2

In the Lens/Geometry tool, there is horizontal and vertical keystone correction.

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Do you mean like this? -

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Darktable even has auto perspective correction.


That works amazingly well.

  1. I’m here discussing rawtherapee, not other programs. 2) Tools Lens/Geometry from rawtherapee are not as flexible as the tools in GIMP 2.8. They are not all able to fix and less visible.

(Mica) #7

As am I, the Lens/Geometry tool is in RawTherapee.

RawTherapee and GIMP are very complimentary applications, what one does not do so well, the other probably does.

In RawTherapee, you can also use DCP/LCP to correct distortion, but I don’t think this is what you’re getting at.

Can you ask a more specific question?


In GIMP simply you pull a picture with a mouse in different directions while you will not level (the tool of rotation of the picture is not discussed here). In addition, you can overlay a grid on an image in GIMP, which is convenient for alignment. In RawTherapee where is the grid overlay defined? In the end, I the entire treatment can take a picture in RawTherapee, and the perspective in GIMP. The combination of these programs is quite typical, but I want to do one RawTherapee.

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I’m not aware of any other perspective correction tools in RawTherapee other than those already mentioned. If you regularly need the type of correction offered in gimp, it might be better to frame the scene more how you want it when you capture the image, rather than relying on post processing to fix it.


I try to choose the right composition, not always shooting conditions allow it. RawTherapee I like and it is enough for most corrections of my photos, except for the perspective.

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In the crop tool.


the size of the grid I can’t adjust

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@chaev, what you want is not available, sorry

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I agree that the perspective correction in RT can be improved. Let’s open an issue here. Maybe we can borrow some dt code :wink:


“I agree that the perspective correction in RT can be improved. Let’s open an issue here. Maybe we can borrow some dt code :wink:

That’s why I started talking. Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer.

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You don’t have to be a programmer to open a request on github.


Thank you for your advice. A bit different motives, pick up the clear formulations and open request on github.

Thank you all for discussion and cues.

(Ingo Weyrich) #18

I don’t need to. I have this in mind, though I rarely need perspective correction in RT. But if You would like to push this a bit, You could open an issue and contribute with ideas. Making things better is not only about making suggestions and then wait until it’s done. It’s also about following the changes, ask and answer questions and so on to get a good result. For that, we need to start with an issue at a central place where all devs and also the users (like you) can follow the discussion and share their ideas.

The rt forum at is great to suggest improvements, but to solve them we still prefer a proper issue at github. If you will file a feature request on rt github, all the devs will see that and you can also track it.
If I will wile a feature request, all the devs will see it, but you will keep uninformed, simple, isn’t it?


I guess I wasn’t clear. 1) I thank you for the advice. 2) I intend to think in detail about the issue and contact github

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Issue created -