PhotoFlow 0.2.7 released

(weyland) #41

That sounds great !! :slight_smile: Thank you Carmelo

(weyland) #42

Just tried the today ppa photoflow-git:
20170716 Photoflow stable.txt (44.4 KB)
My last working install has been done on 30/05/2017.
Before installing a new version, I save the entire VM. Is there an quicker way to revert back to the previous PF install ?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #43

Not to my knowledge… maybe @Dariusz_Duma knows a way to revert to an older package version from his PPA?

@phweyland the crash you are reporting looks very much like the same issue I have under windows… and seems to have been introduced by the last update of the RawSpeed library from Darktable.

Could you maybe give the AppImage package a try? You can get the latest one from here (grab the package with the most recent date, 20170702 at the time of writing). I do not have a good internet connection at the moment, so I cannot do any debugging before a couple of weeks…

@Dariusz_Duma would it be possible for you to provide a debugging version of the photoflow-git package in your PPA? The cmake build configuration provides a standard RelWithDebInfo target for this purpose. That would greatly help to debug this kind of issues.

@phweyland if the debug package becomes available, then a GDB backtrace would be really helpful.

(weyland) #44

With the today appimage : 20170716 Photoflow.Appimage.txt (60.8 KB)
About GDB, is that the same syntax as under windows ?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #45

Looks like the same problem as the PPA version… which Linux version and CPU do you have?

The gbd syntax should be the same under windows and Linux.

(weyland) #46

Ubuntu 16.10 (as VM / Windows 10 host) & i5 760

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #47

I have prepared a new appimage package, compiled with -march=nocona and -mtune=generic

Here is the link:

Could you eventually check if this solves the illegal instruction issue?


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #48

@phweyland short update: I think I have found the place where the RawSpeed library sets the target architecture, and how to tell it to compile for a generic one. It seems one needs to set


in the cmake configuration (@houz might be able to confirm this) .

Consequently, you should grab the latest AppImage package from today (20170718) if you have the possibility to run some tests, as all the previous ones were most likely compiled with -march=native for the RawSpeed part (and this would explain the illegal instruction crashes you got).


(weyland) #49

This one fails:20170718-1 Photoflow.Appimage.txt (61.0 KB)

But this one works fine with 3 images opened. :slight_smile:
Well done !

Edit: when do you think ppa will be updated with this ?


Yes, without BINARY_PACKAGE_BUILD you will get this:

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #51

You might get an updated package in 1 or 2 days, meanwhile the appimage is probably a decent replacement.

Thanks for checking so quickly!

(weyland) #52

Sure ! what I miss here is the “open with” from Digikam. Would you know which the linux settings to tie “open with” and photoflow.appimage ?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #53

You need a proper .desktop file… the appimage should create it automaticall, but it doesn’t work for photoflo. I will investigate next week…

(weyland) #54

Does work ! Thanks !
Trying to use the appimage in batch mode … Should it work ?

Batch file (the first one works, not the second one):

# photoflow=$HOME/Downloads/PhotoFlow.AppImage
for i in $1/*.NEF
do $photoflow --batch $i $default $1/PFf/%name%.jpg

It stops there:

/tmp/.mount_PdbCCx/usr/bin/photoflow.real --batch ./test.NEF /home/weyland/.photoflow/presets/default.pfp ./PFf/%name%.jpg
exePath: /tmp/.mount_PdbCCx/usr/bin
dataPath: /tmp/.mount_PdbCCx/usr/bin/../share/photoflow/
localePath: /tmp/.mount_PdbCCx/usr/bin/../share/locale
memory: high-water mark 0 bytes

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #55

It should work… could you open an issue on github, so that I do not forget about this? I will try to look into this problem sometimes next week.

(weyland) #56

I’ve just copied a default.pfp file into a presets folder (just beside the config folder) in AppData/Local/photoflow, but it seems it is not seen by PF. Maybe it is not the right place ?