PhotoFlow v0.3.0-RC1 released

I did try the GTK2 Appimage. Just the same behavior. The link you referenced above for a commit seems like describing a similar problem.
All sliders in my other applications run normally like those displayed by “gtk3-widget-factory”.

ADD: I have found the “Natural scrolling” adjustment. If I turn it ON, PhotoFlow sliders behave NORMALLY! But, darktable and GIMP start MISBEHAVING.

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I am trying to figure out what is wrong… will keep you updated.

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Let me just report also here that this has now been fixed, both in 0.3.0-rc1 and stable branches.

I have identified the problem with the black/white levels, and I am working on a fix. I will keep you updated here.

I still have to look into the scale/rotate issues you reported…

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I have found and fixed another issue in the current 0.3.0-rc1 version: the preview of the shadows/highlights tool (and probably also of the relight tool) was not matching the full-res exported image (in some cases with quite significant differences).

Now the matching should be almost perfect in all cases…

I opened a new github issue to follow this good suggestion:

A line at the mid point is easy to add as well. I will do it.

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I noticed that but forgot to report it.

Percentage of intensities above and below the noise and sat lines would be helpful stats too. Not important or urgent but would be neat. :safety_vest:


Known or unknown? (Stable)


PS Why do the title bars differ in height?

Could you send me a sample raw file?

I found a UI bug in the Crop tool:

If you have a constrained aspect ratio, and you put the crop box up against the side of the image, you can drag the corners of the box against that edge and change the aspect ratio (dragging the middle of the edges works as expected).


This is excellent, I just hear that the program has a built-in crash recovery function. I will be sure to try the update. Once again, great work.

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Could you please check with the latest windows version? There might have been a problem wit the packaging of the lensfun database in the windows case…

I have also implemented the possibility to move the histogram to a separate dialog.

IN addition, I have changed the behavior of the image samplers. When a sampler is disabled, its position is “forgotten” so that it must be placed again next time it is re-activated.
This way it is possible to “recover” samplers that get lost, for example because the image has been cropped. It also allows to disentangle two overlapping samplers.

The changes are available in bot the stable and v0.3.0-rc1 branches.

Great: more items from my checklist. At least the camera is recognized now, though distortion correction is still unavailable. It works in RT e.g. When it works, RT (or dt) usually does a better job. Something to look into in the future.


It would be great if histogram started out larger (1/5 of screen?) and both it and samplers got the x close button at the top instead of Close at the bottom for consistency and convenience.

Lastly, it still takes extra long for the archive to extract. I have gotten used to it but compared to other FLOSS apps it is an outlier.

I could apply the corrections by manually selecting the lens:

Something is wring with the lens detection from the EXIF data…

Got it, I agree.

No idea why this happens, but I suspect that the package contains a lot of small files, hopefully not really needed. I will have a look.

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I have reproduced and fixed what you describe. Could you test the latest packages (will be ready in about one hour) and confirm the fix, whenever you have the time?


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If you’re using the Lens IDs from Libraw, I found a problem in the bleeding edge Libraw commit from github - it rendered a different number than what I know for my Nikkor 18-200. Reverting to 1.19.5 fixed it.


No, I am not using LibRaw in my code… the EXIF data is extracted with EXIV2, and then the matching with the LensFun DB is done with some code inherited from DT. I must have introduced some bug in this part at some point…

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

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I’ve tested the aspect ratio preservation in the Crop tool (in stable dac46), and it is working now. Thanks.


In fact, at least for this specific lens the LensFun DB specifies a minimum crop factor that does not match the D7200. RT applies the corrections with a warning, PhF is more conservative and does not allow to apply the correction, unless you select the lens manually as I have previously shown.

Here is the message shown by RT 5.7 on my system:

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 4.52.01 PM