PhotoFlow v0.3.0-RC1 released

I am finally preparing a new official release for PhotoFlow, and I would need your help to identify the remaining bugs or to confirm the fixes.

I have created a dedicated milestone on GitHub, and started to assign issues to it. More will come in the next days…

If you are willing to help testing the first release candidate, pre-compiled packages are available from the continuous release page:

Please report issues here or on GitHub.

Some known issues that are not yet files to GitHub:

  • the application crashes/misbehaves when hiding the RAW Loader/RAW Developer modules
  • overlapping sampling points cannot be disentangled, and individual sampling points cannot be deleted

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!


User Interface:
The list of layers moves up and down if you have a layer selected or not. Its annoying when editing a mask as the layer selection is empty after you switch to mask mode, and when you click the back button. I’ve also had problems with layers getting moved in the stack when I click on them because photoflow is mistaking the UI movement for a drag and drop operation.

Raw Developer:
The advanced settings (white level etc.) don’t seem to do anything. Mostly this isn’t an issue, but for some raw files (e.g. Morning mist in salted meadows (Arcachon)), the white clipping level is slightly wrong and the sun comes out magenta.

Scale and Rotate:
The ‘height’ scale doesn’t seem to do anything. Again, not a problem usually (different X and Y scales is unusual). I noticed it because I tried to load a Nikon D1X raw file from a recent Play Raw (can’t find the link, sorry) and it comes out stretched horizontally.

I am finding that you can’t edit the rotation points on the image once you have set them (unless you move the angle slider a bit - that seems to fix it).

I don’t have a reproducable test case, but I seem to be getting more crashes when turning layers off recently. It seems to be the histogram that fails (usually by accessing a nil pointer).

The new UI seems nicer than the old one. It seems easier to see where the edges of the crop are than with the previous one. I don’t think you need to change the mouse cursor - having the handles on the crop area appear and disappear as you mouse over them is enough feedback for me.

Opening .pfi files saved on Windows (e.g. this one: Volterra, Italy) crashes the macOS version of Photoflow. Manually editing the path in the raw loader part of the .pfi fixes this.

Was wondering if it would be possible for a G’MIC update at this juncture, and as a bonus, provide the user a way to point to the system G’MIC so as to have the ability to update it him or herself. The related bug would be when I type something into the G’MIC Interpreter and press Enter, PF crashes.


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Both should be fixed in the 0.3.0-rc1 and dev branches.

I am working on the other issues you reported…

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  1. A forward mouse roll causes a decrease in the value of the selected slider and a back roll causes an increase. It is the opposite in other applications like darktable and is counterintuitive (at least for me).

  2. Hints : Is it too much work to add hints for (more) buttons&menus that will be shown when the mouse pointer is over them? As an example, when the pointer is on (selected) “RAW developer”, the hint may read “Double click to adjust”… (I know there are already some).

  3. Highlight and shadow clipping warnings do not seem to work for “exposure” in the “RAW developer” while they do for the exposure in “basic adjustmen” menu (missing t is not mine : ) ) . Is this the expected behavior?

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@bc_the-path #2 I have asked for documentation for a long time. Each module has an italic i button but the info window is almost always empty. Tool tips are the natural progression of the info window. Looks like what other popular apps do.

I wonder if there is a way for interested users to contribute to this. @Carmelo_DrRaw mentioned the possibility at one point.

@bc_the-path @afre
Yes, one can provide a brief help text for each tool. There are some examples here:
The easiest way to contribute is to provide a text file for a given tool, I will then take care of giving it the right name and extension. The folder is structured in a way that should allow multi-language support, but for now english would be already enough.
Whether to put the help text into the info window or a tooltip (or both) is open for discussion and suggestions…

There is room for both: the info window providing an overview and the tool tip parameter notes.

I know something else you could add that won’t be too much effort (I think). Remember how I requested the ability to see more of the samplers module on my small screen? Well, could we have the same thing happen for the histogram: double click to undock into a window that I could enlarge? ATM, the histogram is rather small to see if any of it passes the clip range. Speaking of clip range, would it also be possible to have a line at the mid point (0.5)?


Batch mode is not working on a0d24 commit. I’ve open a ticket on gitHub.

Batch mode is working for a previous build of 13/01/2019 on this PPA bionic main` (Dariusz Duma

Hi @gotaalv!

Should be fixed in the latest stable and v0.3.0-rc1 branches, could you please check and confirm?


Do you have natural scrolling enabled on your system? What package version are you using? What GTK version?
This commit seems to be related to what you observe… if that is the case, I am afraid it is a general GTK bug and not photoflow-specific.

No, it isn’t, unless you have checked the “clip overflow values” in the RAW developer. The screenshot below shows an example of settings that produce correct highlights warnings on my system:

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 3.28.17 PM

I am gradually adding tooltips, starting from the various sliders of the RAW developer module. I will commit a first update later today…

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gtk3 1:3.24.13-1

Here are the settings:
[bulent@bulent-pc ~]$ gtk-query-settings

              gtk-double-click-time: 400
          gtk-double-click-distance: 5
                   gtk-cursor-blink: TRUE
              gtk-cursor-blink-time: 1200
           gtk-cursor-blink-timeout: 10
                   gtk-split-cursor: TRUE
                     gtk-theme-name: "Vertex-Maia-Dark"
                gtk-icon-theme-name: "xcursor-breeze"
!           gtk-fallback-icon-theme: NULL
                 gtk-key-theme-name: "Default"
                 gtk-menu-bar-accel: "F10"
             gtk-dnd-drag-threshold: 8
                      gtk-font-name: "Noto Sans 12"
!                    gtk-icon-sizes: NULL
                        gtk-modules: "canberra-gtk-module"
                  gtk-xft-antialias: 1
                    gtk-xft-hinting: 1
                  gtk-xft-hintstyle: "hintslight"
                       gtk-xft-rgba: "rgb"
                        gtk-xft-dpi: 98304
              gtk-cursor-theme-name: "Adwaita"
              gtk-cursor-theme-size: 24
       gtk-alternative-button-order: FALSE
        gtk-alternative-sort-arrows: FALSE
!        gtk-show-input-method-menu: FALSE
!             gtk-show-unicode-menu: FALSE
!               gtk-timeout-initial: 500
!                gtk-timeout-repeat: 50
!                gtk-timeout-expand: 500
!                  gtk-color-scheme: ""
              gtk-enable-animations: TRUE
!              gtk-touchscreen-mode: FALSE
!               gtk-tooltip-timeout: 500
!        gtk-tooltip-browse-timeout: 60
!   gtk-tooltip-browse-mode-timeout: 500
!            gtk-keynav-cursor-only: FALSE
!            gtk-keynav-wrap-around: TRUE
                     gtk-error-bell: TRUE
!                        color-hash: ((GHashTable*) 0x55adc238a640)
!          gtk-file-chooser-backend: NULL
                 gtk-print-backends: "file,lpr,cloudprint,cups"
          gtk-print-preview-command: "evince --unlink-tempfile --preview --print-settings %s %f"
               gtk-enable-mnemonics: TRUE
                  gtk-enable-accels: TRUE
!            gtk-recent-files-limit: 50
                      gtk-im-module: "gtk-im-context-simple"
           gtk-recent-files-max-age: -1
           gtk-fontconfig-timestamp: 0
               gtk-sound-theme-name: "freedesktop"
   gtk-enable-input-feedback-sounds: FALSE
            gtk-enable-event-sounds: TRUE
!               gtk-enable-tooltips: TRUE
!                 gtk-toolbar-style: GTK_TOOLBAR_BOTH_HORIZ
!             gtk-toolbar-icon-size: GTK_ICON_SIZE_LARGE_TOOLBAR
!                gtk-auto-mnemonics: TRUE
    gtk-primary-button-warps-slider: TRUE
!                 gtk-visible-focus: GTK_POLICY_AUTOMATIC
  gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme: FALSE
!                 gtk-button-images: FALSE
          gtk-entry-select-on-focus: TRUE
    gtk-entry-password-hint-timeout: 0
!                   gtk-menu-images: FALSE
!          gtk-menu-bar-popup-delay: 0
!     gtk-scrolled-window-placement: GTK_CORNER_TOP_LEFT
!             gtk-can-change-accels: FALSE
!              gtk-menu-popup-delay: 225
!            gtk-menu-popdown-delay: 1000
          gtk-label-select-on-focus: TRUE
!                 gtk-color-palette: "black:white:gray50:red:purple:blue:light blue:green:yellow:orange:lavender:brown:goldenrod4:dodger blue:pink:light green:gray10:gray30:gray75:gray90"
!              gtk-im-preedit-style: GTK_IM_PREEDIT_CALLBACK
!               gtk-im-status-style: GTK_IM_STATUS_CALLBACK
           gtk-shell-shows-app-menu: FALSE
            gtk-shell-shows-menubar: FALSE
            gtk-shell-shows-desktop: FALSE
              gtk-decoration-layout: "menu:minimize,maximize,close"
          gtk-titlebar-double-click: "toggle-maximize"
          gtk-titlebar-middle-click: "none"
           gtk-titlebar-right-click: "menu"
             gtk-dialogs-use-header: TRUE
           gtk-enable-primary-paste: TRUE
           gtk-recent-files-enabled: FALSE
                gtk-long-press-time: 500
               gtk-keynav-use-caret: FALSE
              gtk-overlay-scrolling: TRUE

The thing is, scroll wheel operates differently in ONLY PhotoFlow.

Clip negative values is checked, and warnings are OK.
It might have been wrongly set in my earlier Appimage. Sorry.

I enjoy using PF but one needs some time to feel at home using any software.
I am not there, yet.

Thank you for responses. :slight_smile:

So far I have not tested the GTK3 version very extensively… could you eventually try to grab the latest GTK2 appimage and see if you get the same behavior? Just download the package, make it executable, and run it…

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I hope you’ll get there at some point! For sure, PhF is not as mature as RT or DT…

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@bc_the-path Hint: use a set of triple back ticks to wrap output text. The forum will give it a scrollbar and make it easier to read.

Place long text here.

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That’s great!
Thank you.

I guess your message was written for another thread…

I did try the GTK2 Appimage. Just the same behavior. The link you referenced above for a commit seems like describing a similar problem.
All sliders in my other applications run normally like those displayed by “gtk3-widget-factory”.

ADD: I have found the “Natural scrolling” adjustment. If I turn it ON, PhotoFlow sliders behave NORMALLY! But, darktable and GIMP start MISBEHAVING.

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I am trying to figure out what is wrong… will keep you updated.

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