[PhotoTeleport] Version 0.8 brings ShutterStock and DepositPhotos upload plugins

(Alberto Mardegan) #1

Yesterday I relesed version 0.8 of PhotoTeleport. PhotoTeleport is an open source, multi platform image uploader which supports multiple services.

In this new version:

  • Added ShutterStock plugin
  • Added DepositPhotos plugin
  • Fix an issue with the Flickr plugin getting stuck on server errors
  • Improvements to the FTP login dialog

Unfortunately the photos uploaded to ShutterStock and DepositPhotos won’t be tagged (that is, the metadata is not being uploaded). This is something I plan to address in the next version.

Meanwhile, enjoy this one! :slight_smile:

(Tobias) #2

Any news about the photo upload per command line?

So, darktable it is!
(Alberto Mardegan) #3

You can specify the list of files from the command line (since version 0.7, I believe), but the list of services and other options is still a TODO. :slight_smile: