picture printed on textured paper... how to remove pattern

I have a scanned-in picture, that I think was originally printed on paper that had a texture. I suppose it was okay as a print, but it makes it hard to GIMP it. Is there a way to smooth out the pattern?

Here is a sample at 200% zoom.
Screenshot 2022-07-31 115630


Spontanously I’d say FFT or similar.
Wait a sec and I’ll try to scout up a link…

How about this? remove print pattern

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Hello, to remove dot patterns in scans from printed materials, I use gmic’s descreen filter. Your canvas pattern is quite different, but you can give it a try at least.

A technique that can work is to

  • Make one scan
  • Rotate the picture 180° in the scanner and make a second scan
  • Load the two scans in Gimp as layers,
  • Rotate one of layers
  • Align the layers
  • Set the top layer to “lighten only”

However this requires a scanner with little distortion, or taking extract steps to compensate.

You might get it with a FFT plugin. Which OS ?

Always difficult to be certain with a scaled clip from original but it goes like this.


FFT was my thought and usual go-to for these types of patterns also. (:+1: for the example @rich2005).