Pixel-art scaling algorithms



We take these filters for granted in our video game emulators. Might be an interesting exercise to port them to G’MIC, esp. for @bazza, @Reptorian and @Joan_Rake1.


I’m particularly not so interested into making a pixel-art scaling algorithm at the moment, but it’s a challenge I might take into consideration if I feel like something to do with coding. I’m not sure how to work with matrixes on G’MIC, but I’d be interested into a sample to replicate HIlbert curves.

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HQ4x <3

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One of the things that always like me that it exist is something that can recognise the sprites real and replace them by new or the best respecting the layer of sprites…




Something that disarm “collage”. Allowing create the image in HD or with other caracter in his place…

To know as I arm each layer can help us of the titleset:



Ok, now that my desktop PC is overheating, I may actually go back to coding G’MIC filter and this is now on my radar. Side note, I wish @Joan_Rake1 is here.

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As they can separate the planes could create something like this…


I don’t know enough about emulators to know if the filter works on the per layer basis; probably not.

@bazza, I never asked: are you working on an animation or game? If so, do you mind showing some of your work (via a link or something)? :slight_smile:

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I said to do it to graphic level: visual-demosaic