PIXLS Articles and Blog could use new entries

@patdavid et al. and community: thoughts?

Blog → September 2019
Article → January 2020

Me → :melting_face:

If you’re interested in writing, open an issue on github and tell us about it. We have the same problem with the darktable and rawtherapee blogs as well.

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I’m working on a refactor of the website to use Hugo right now but yes, we can really use some content - and more importantly consistent content. I was thinking about reaching out to some of the community members to see if anyone would like to start publishing things more often. I’d like to give a voice to some that can help with outreach and awareness.

More on this shortly after I clear a few things off my plate.

See: [Help] Collaborative translation of a presentation article for G'MIC 3.0 release

I wrote an article about the last two years of development on G’MIC, in French. I’d like mainly to translate it in English, eventually for having a new blog post to publish for Pixls.us (if @patdavid thinks it’s a good idea :slight_smile: ). But the article is really huge, which means this represents a lot of work. (and I must admit It took me already so long to write it that I’m almost sick of it!).

If @patdavid thinks it’s a good idea… :wink:

Actually already published on the G’MIC website : G'MIC 3.0: A Third Dose to Process Your Images!

True but I think it could have summer vacation on PIXLS.US. BTW, the site’s background is broken.

@snibgo may have something interesting:

PIXLS lists ImageMagick but we rarely feature it. Alan has an awesome website as well that explores IM, photography and video.

In general, it would be great if we could have a feature or updates for each and every piece of software listed on PIXLS or the forum. Could be long or short. That way, none of them would stagnate too much due to the volume of discussion on certain software *ahem* dt for instance.

If you have an idea for a specific article, open an issue against the website.

Ideas are great, but action is better.

I’m at 100% capacity.

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Without ideas brought forth, there is no action. — @afre :slight_smile:

I am a verbose individual but don’t have the discipline to write formally. :blush:

This isn’t fair. The volume of discussion about things happens because people want to talk about it.

You never know until you try.

I was poking fun at the attention it has been getting, but the internet is known for misunderstanding, so I apologize.

Sure. This thread is meant to inform people of the situation and a call for prospective writers to contribute. It might as well apply to me.

How about this: if @afre were to write something, what would you like him to write about? Dangerous question but something might come of it.

Before we get too far down the rabbit hole this might warrant a discussion (later) about some content strategies and how best to approach this. I’ll kick off another topic soon and start feeling out capacity of people to contribute and how we can streamline that process.

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That was what I was thinking. You could say this is the preamble for a more measured approach.

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