PIXLS.US youtube channel

As mentioned by @patdavid in another thread we now have a PIXLS.US youtube channel.

The idea, as of now, is to create topic or software related playlists to collect good tutorials.

I have started by creating a photoflow playlist, where I have added all videos by @Carmelo_DrRaw and also by Andreas Katifes.

Now several points are still open to discussion:

  1. Should these lists only include videos by PIXLS member?
  2. Should we also include other videos, and if so what are the criteria (a certain minimal quality, etc)?
  3. Apart from software related playlists, what would be some good topic related playlists? Should it be motive related playlists, like landscape, portrait, B&W? Or more processing techniques oriented stuff? Or both?
    (Remember that one video can be part of multiple playlists)

Let me know what you think.


When ever you add a video to a playlist could you make a small post in the relevant sub forum on discuss?


I’d say we publish videos only by ourselves, or by members that want to publish through the channel. Ideally this would be a fantastic way for us to generate content for everyone where the creators would be approachable.

For adding existing videos to any playlists, I’d say we open that to anyone who is producing great content! Amplifying good content for others can only help to raise awareness of the projects and people that produce.

The playlists should be curated, in my opinion. It’s vital to present our best efforts to the world at large (the public doesn’t need another video on how to make a forum signature banner…).

I think given the wonderful responses and engagement in threads like the one from @Elle recently about Eggleston, I’d opt for any content that is quality, and related to the arts we support here. To wit:

Film analysis, interviews, and other content that we can legally share and use would be awesome, and doesn’t necessarily have to be purely about Free Software. There’s quite a few great videos on posing for portraiture, and lighting setups that I like that would be better if we had a free version, but for now we can certainly include them in a playlist.

As for the what, that’s a good question. I suppose we could look at what type of questions come up here, or what some broad common questions might be about, and craft playlists around that. So some thoughts possibly:

  • Landscape shooting
  • Portrait shooting
  • Off-camera flash setups
  • Post-processing
  • etc?

Now that I’m thinking about it, I want to check if we can make a playlist that perhaps anyone can contribute/add to.

We should also write a blog post about this effort once we’ve figured a couple of things out. :slight_smile:


If you are interested, you can add my old one (and only) Youtube video:

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That would be a good idea. So everybody could suggest videos directly through that playlist and the moderators could then assign the videos to other playlists if needed…

…and we should definitely make a video which explains what this channel is about. If you go to the channel now it just says This channel doesn’t have any content, which isn’t very inviting and hides that there is (and will be more) playlists.
I have a rough idea for such an introduction video…I’ll see if I can make a suggestion the next week or so.

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A quick note, but anyone with a YouTube/Google account can use this link to add videos to an “Errata” playlist themselves:


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I can try to find some time to record an actual introduction if needed. An honest-to-goodness person in an introductory video.

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I was thinking of a montage with some images from the forum, some logos of the diefferent softwares, music and a spoken introduction. Could you record a spoken introduction? You are a native speaker and have a nice voice :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is any question who is recording the voice over!

I can’t seem to add to the playlist from the YT app on my phone, but here’s a trio of vid tutorials from my academic YT channel about qualitative image analysis in the GIMP. I figure that may be of interest to some of y’all.


I can add videos to that playlist but only if i am logged in as Pixls…otherwises I don’t see such an option.

I have added them to the list thanks. And interesting stuff you are doing :smiley:

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Thanks! And thanks!

G’mic has a channel: G’mic. You might want to add their videos to a playlist.


Hmm. I’m super busy at the moment, but I’ll have a look when I get a chance and see if I can get it working.

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