Play Raw and Showcase sections are not shown correctly on 2 of the 3 themes [FIXED]

@patdavid / @darix

I initially thought that the full images not shown on 2 of the sections was still due to the update from a few month ago, but I just noticed when logged out, or if I change my theme to the default, that both the Play Raw and Showcase sections are actually shown with full images like this:

When using the Default Dark or, my favourite Grey Amber theme the same page looks like this:

That doesn’t seem correct.

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now it should be off in all themes.

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Yep, it is. Thanks for the quick reply!

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does that mean, the preview with the tiles is not available any more?


I’m not the site maintainer but what I know is this: When discourse 2.8.0 was rolled out (the software that runs Pixls) a few bugs/issues, that still need to be tackled, showed up as well. This is one of them. Here’s the topic (linked to the reply that gives the reason why the reviews are turned of right now):

Would be rather nice to have it back…

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@Jade_NL ic, thanks for the explanation.

Yes, would be nice to have it back one day.