[Play Raw] Autumn in Limoges


(Sergei Rybalko) #1

I think it is time to contribute to PlayRaw from my side. Here it is the photo I made in Parc de l’Aurence in Limoges, France
Autumn-Limoges_0070.CR2 (9.9 MB)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

(dumb) #2

Loving the sheer saturation and colour in this one; it’s criminal to overlook this. Here’s my (not as usually) rough take on this one using blurs, layer blending, G’MIC plasma and a colour transfer algorithm:


(Boris Hajdukovic) #3

Nice shot @Benja1972 !

I tried to give it soft dreamy look with darktable and GIMP :slight_smile:

In darktable:

  • disabled base curve
  • removed color noise with profiled denoise module (used wavelets with color blend mode)

In GIMP (with G’MIC plugin):


  • balanced dynamic range a bit with great Tone enhance filter from @garagecoder
  • separated and enhanced colors with Specific saturation filter from @garagecoder


  • on duplicate layer added Softglow filter (Filters - Artistic - Softglow)
  • on same layer added Gaussian blur filter (Filters - Blur - Gaussian blur) with overlay as blend mode, changed opacity of the layer a bit
  • added new transparent layer, chosen nice yellow tone from one of the leaves and applied bi-linear gradient horizontally in the middle of that transparent layer and chosen soft light as layer blend mode to get that dreamy look more yellowish


Autumn-Limoges_0070-output.tif.pp3 (11.2 KB)
Filmulator then RawTherapee 5.5-rc2

(St.Stephen) #5

Autumn-Limoges_0070.CR2.xmp (7.6 KB)
Autumn-Limoges_0070_01.CR2.xmp (8.1 KB)

(Gustavo Adolfo) #6

Beatiful picture, thanks.


Autumn-Limoges_0070.CR2.xmp (3.6 KB)


darktable 2.4.4: Autumn-Limoges_0070.CR2.xmp (7.1 KB)


Autumn-Limoges_0070-1.jpg.out.pp3 (11.9 KB)

(Thomas) #9

Nice shot! Although, the reddish versions look quite impressive, I think there should be a little more greens and yellows in the image.
My try in darktable.

Autumn-Limoges_0070.CR2.xmp (8,4 KB)


The above image in an b&w conversion.

Autumn-Limoges_0070.tif.xmp (2,2 KB)

(Aurélien Pierre) #10

I think many propositions have crushed the blacks and lost the trunks.

Autumn-Limoges_0070.CR2.xmp (8.0 KB)


@Benja1972 Thanks for foliagemont, hurray for all trident gardeners • 1 =)


I took the opportunity and had “test ride” with some of the RCs. The results are not fair to what these guys are able to output - I’ve been managing some pretty solid results both with rawtherapee and darktable - more so 'cause instead of a healthy start from scratch I’m trying - as an undocumented flee market alchemist - to find the universal base preset, ja ja ja, shame on the shamepan :fried_egg: & me

Anyway, to contradict myself went really cold with RTRC2

Autumn-Limoges_0070_RT.jpg.out.pp3.zip (4.3 KB)

Then a mess with darktable and an interesting “discovery” or better, appliance of idea, to use a blur in lum blend mode and paramedics on DMT to enhance the foliage; gif at the end

Autumn-Limoges_0070.CR2.xmp.zip (2.1 KB)

time to pinguineet, I can not push the poor phf any further, cause like a hulk, it goes out of its feathered smoking to eat it ALL :stuck_out_tongue: This is something I would stand for. The Raw colour option is a cosmos in itself. If someone is trying to use the pfi the colour input is Raw and the Raw curve custom with 1.8 gamma ,-)

Autumn-Limoges_0070_phfD.jpg.pfi.zip (6.7 KB)

And for last, a pleasant surprise: FIlmulator. As I know the developing it’s pretty fast in FLM
left it for last and much to my surprise (and must honestly say a bit of pride too) the output was pretty close of the one that which with plenty more time spent tweaking, I got out of photoflow. Literally 3 mins including 100 % drama (inexorably reminds me of Bujalki’s last Support the Girls great raw) export which is inta-matic too :camera_flash:

the dt sche-gig

{digital swet, chaf chaf} Cheers

Edit: forgot the pfi file

(Sergei Rybalko) #12

Like diversity of colors! Thank you!

(Sergei Rybalko) #13

Very impressive!

(Sergei Rybalko) #14

Like a drama of both your variants!

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #15

Used RawTherapee 5.5RC1 and then a bit of GIMP

I found this image a bit difficult to process. In the end, I thought that the shadowy bushy part in the left side (behind the cluster of tree trunks) will give the necessary depth to the scene. That is why used GIMP to accentuate it a bit selectively and make the sky bluer.

(Sergei Rybalko) #16

Nice dreamy look! That was my impression when I was there

(Filip) #17

Nice picture

darktable, GIMP, GMI’C

(Aurélien Pierre) #18

@FBulovic why do you need Gimp here ?

Just wondering how darktable could be improved so users don’t need 3 softwares anymore. #efficiency


@aurelienpierre #play_raw’s give you the freedom to play as you please.

Though it would be nice if @FBulovic shared more of his workflow; e.g., dt xmp, GIMP, G’MIC steps…

(Aurélien Pierre) #20

Sure. But switching between softwares is a time-consuming burden, so I would like to know what feature is missing in dt in order to – maybe – improve it if I can. If you need Gimp, it means darktable failed so it needs to be improved.