[Play Raw] Caturday


(Eylul / Azbulutlu) #1

I like doing heavy edits to rescue photographs that didn’t work out for a variety of reasons, its fun and also a nice way to learn limits of what software do and how things really look.

20170905_192243.dng.xmp (26.5 KB)

The photo was taken on my smartphone and edited in Darktable, and in this case it is also prepared to demo some techniques and for once the work file is well organized. Due to low light conditions and handheld (not to mention nervous cat) it was severely underexposed and not very well composed.

Anyways, here is the raw. Have fun. :smiley:

20170905_192243.dng (19.1 MB)
(licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 )

(Gustavo Adolfo) #2

Thanks for sharing!

And nice edit you did.

20170905_192243.pfi (38.8 KB)


20170905_192243.dng.pp3 (12.0 KB)

(James Collins) #4

awesome job, looks great, wouldn’t even know the difference.

(Marshal Linfoot) #5

Really well done! I especially liked the way you used the lowpass module to add depth of field.

(Thomas) #6

20170905_192243.dng.xmp (13,6 KB)


What?! The cat is becoming more saturated as time goes on. Catsaturday indeed.

(Eylul / Azbulutlu) #8

I like how you framed this :slight_smile:

(Eylul / Azbulutlu) #9

This one would have been tricky, but the new darktable mask feathers actually did help quite a bit.

(John) #10

:smiley: Maybe a touch overdone. RT conversion just messing with lightness and contrast. Sharpened heavily in Fotoxx from tif. Saved cropped jpg. The sharpening cleaned it up a lot. Then the gimp. Duplicate layer - gaussian blur, layer mask to let the cat back through. Then wavelet decompose duplicated 2 layers at 50% opacity, both fur detail. Reduced and sharpened.


(Ingo Weyrich) #11

I agree. The sharpening is really too much…

(John) #12

On the other hand the original is too soft so see it as a way around that.


(Shreedhar Inamdar) #13

@eylul, here is not so heavy edit in RawTherapee.
20170905_192243.jpg.out.pp3 (12.2 KB)

(ron) #14

Gorgeous result, love the color and “creative” Boka.


darktable (2.7-git): 20170905_192243.dng.xmp (9.8 KB)

(Glenn Butcher) #16

Tonewise, I decided to only alter the contrast. I think the key edit is the crop:

  • dcraw: colorspace=prophoto;gamma=prophoto;whitebalance=auto;
  • blackwhitepoint:rgb,14,107
  • curve:rgb,0.0,0.0,53.0,23.0,116.0,118.3,150.0,160.4,255.0,255.0
  • crop:1913,843,3377,2740
  • resize:618,800,catmullrom
  • sharpen:1

Rendition is for screen display, 800 tall x 618 wide. Oh, and CATmull-rom as an appropriate interpolation selection… :smile:

I did try to use GIMP to separate the cat’s head from the background with a foreground select, but I clearly need to read up on that some more…


Yep, I totally noticed the CATmull-rom. This stuff never passes me by. Thanks Mr Catmull.

Source: Wikipedia, CC-BY-2.0.

(Glenn Butcher) #18

Ed Catmull: Quite a significant person in the evolution of imaging and graphics. I got to visit NYIT and The Graphics Lab in the late '80s, after he’d left for the other coast. They had done the first commercial 3D animations (CBS Sports), and were working on the first demonstrations of graphics acceleration hardware. Looking back on it, we were regarding some of the vision and thinking that is now ILM and Pixar…

Watched the movie “Incredibles 2” recently, and I saw something that I think might be homage to him. In one of the montage scenes of ScreenSlaver’s tech, I saw an interpolation graph, one that looked like what the wonks plot to illustrate the interpolation algorithms we use in things like image resizing. Mr Catmull had recently announced his retirement, and I began to wonder if this fleeting image was some sort of “Easter Egg” tribute to him, through his catmull-rom interpolation algorithm contribution. Thing is, I haven’t had the time to work through the math to see if it produces a similar plot. Anybody else see that image in the movie?

Edit: Slow afternoon, copied the catmull-rom interpolation function out of my software, put it in a little C++ program, and made the data to plot it. Here’s what you’d be looking for in the movie:


@eylul, my profound apologies for hijacking your thread…

(Eylul / Azbulutlu) #19

I am not sure that counts as hijacking. :smiley:

There is too many experiments for me to reply to everyone individually so I am sitting here and looking at all of the interpretations. :slight_smile: