[Play Raw] Enhance snowy mountain detail (high-frequency high-contrast) in RawTherapee



I noticed that this thread has been tagged #play_raw. If this is something that you want @Chymera, could you also supply a license for your images? (Unsure, since you weren’t the one who added the tag…) See: PlayRaw stuff to keep in mind.

(Andrew) #22

I meant the bright colour has gone, just wondered if you’d used a healing brush or clone tool etc. in gimp.

(Jonas Wagner) #23

Ah no, I didn’t do that. I guess they were just clipped out as Glenn suggested. :slight_smile:

(John) #25

Tough one. I did use a Nikon camera for a while. A number of people use Nikon’s raw converter and export as tif for further work. Nikon use an unusual method of converting raw files. :laughing: So having been there before and not being able to get a conversion I liked from RT I used Ufraw as it has the same facility Nikon use and exported a 16bit tif. Light into the lens has fogged the shot so used Fotoxx for further editing. Lastly add a bit of chroma via RT.

Sorry it’s not an RT solution but without the facility the first curve from the left in Ufraw offers I don’t think this sort of result is easily possible.


(senpai) #26

with darktable 2.60

camera.NEF.xmp (24,3 Ko)


My take.

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (blend) → AMaZE → linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → tone mapping → linear sRGB 32f
2. gmic → filter pixels → crop (1.5:1) → wavelet split (residual [A], detail [B])
3. pnmclahe → enhance (A)
4. gmic → wavelet merge (A B) → adjust brightness, contrast (curves) → local contrast, sharpen (guided) → increase chroma (curve) → sharpen (LoG) → resize
5. GIMP → clone out flare above sun

Zoom 100% and enjoy!

Edit: correct version


My take
tonecurve, dynamic range compression, Lab LH and CH for trees, dehaze, Wavelet local contrast

camera-9.jpg.out.pp3.txt (13.6 KB)