[Play Raw] Evening haze


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Who doesn’t love a few artefacts?

@chroma_ghost is that a CubeHelix gradient?

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So, as final result:

_DSC0134.NEF.xmp (14.0 KB)

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Hi @chroma_ghost, what exactly you’re doing here?
I mean, I’ve read the docs and they say

discard all but one of any pixel color.

… but I don’t really get the meaning of it.

EDIT: Does it get one pixel for each color present in the image then sorts them by luminance?


Hey Gustavo. I just copied the code (cannot really remember if was from one of Fred’s scripts, likely). The _rez to 800px part I must have introduced for some purpose that cannot recall, edited for clarity. For the rest, as I understand it, IM’s script “scales” the image down to a mere strip of (here it depends on the scale parameter) several individual pixls, and then upscales it and smooths them to a gradient. Without gradient and upscaled in nearest neighbor mode, gives you this


Fred Weinhaus has his own much more feature rich version - dominant color

which with dominantcolor -m 3 -n 12 -f 50 -p all -s save "$f" gives



_DSC0134.NEF.xmp (29.7 KB)

(Gustavo Adolfo) #46

Thanks @chroma_ghost.
In a more free interpretation of that result, it looks to me as if it represents the image’s color palette.


That’s the idea… a loose one though, never tested the accuracy of the method. I stopped using it here (not FLOSS) but for my own stuff I prefer the well-sorted and now discontinued mcolor designer (quant); which for the current image (ref to my edit), 12 samples ordered by value will give the following:

AFAIK, macos only; GUI

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Here is my attempt.