[Play Raw] Evening haze


I’m not sure which way is the best for haze removal. I struggle with haze removal tool, so just prefer to leave it as it with little contrast adjustments.

Thanks in advance for your edits and advices.

_DSC0134 _DSC0134.NEF (21.3 MB)
_DSC0134.NEF.xmp (5.3 KB)

This is my first post here, so do please excuse me if something is not aligned with local traditions )))

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That’s a beautiful picture… and a tough one.

Here’s the best I could do in regards to haze removal (almost nothing), although I wouldn’t try to completely eliminate haze, as it seems an important part of that scene.

_DSC0134.NEF.xmp (5.5 KB)

Fyi, what I ususally do to eliminate haze is using a tone curve like this:


In this case it is in RGB color space, but if you want finer control you may switch to LAB independent channels, apply the same curve in Lightness, and then correct a and b channels. But this way you risk changing the original color tone.

@Timur You are most welcome to share your raws. We do have the tradition of adding a license to protect you and the forum, essentially declaring your intentions for your file. Visit PlayRaw stuff to keep in mind to learn how to do that.

Could you share what your struggles were? I tend not to use haze removal tools but perhaps someone could help you with the module.

Thanks, licensing is fixed.

@afre it just makes more impact in the sky rather than in the dark part. But my haze is in the dark area.

P.S. Well strictly speaking it just evening river mist, but who cares…

Yep, indeed, haze is ok here. That’s just an example. It just looks like haze removal doesn’t work in dark areas at all. I tried to separate sky with parametric mask but haze removal still gave me rather mediocre results (sure, I had to push parameters).

Difficult! Thanks for the nice image.

_DSC0134.NEF.xmp (8,4 KB)

_DSC0134.NEF.xmp (6.9 KB)


My try with DxO.
May post my result with RT later.


My attempt is nothing to publish, but have you noticed
which fantastic reflections that appear in the river if the
dehaze seetings are beefed up?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Yes , but only after turning the exposure down. Have to do some compromises , or use a lot of time with editing.

Have you considered using one of the many implementations of retinex? RawTherapee has it, so does GIMP and G’MIC. Might not be easiest to use but do give it a try.

If you’re going to use proprietary software here (which I personally disagree with), can you at least post the sidecar file so that others might learn from it?

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I don’t use sidecar file , sorry.

When I uploaded the picture , my first thought was not to touch the sky at all , so I did rather go for a graduated filter.
The settings within the graduated filter is

  • exposure 1.04
  • contrast 6
  • microcontrast 44
  • Clear view plus 100
  • Highlight 0
  • Midtone 36
  • Shadow 20
  • Blacks -8
  • Vibrancy 48
  • Saturation 20
  • Temperature 5782
  • Tint -32

Screenshot from DxO

If the community doesn’t want me to upload my result from DxO any more thats ok.
The reason I joined this forum yesterday is that I just downloaded Raw Therapee 5.5

I also try to edit RAW files in RT , but so far my result is not even close to what I’m getting from DxO
When I get acceptable result from RT , I will upload them here.

@Claes you right about reflections! Actually I never noticed that there are details in that region. Thanks!

@afre I’ll try it. Thanks.

I’ll post another image to make my point that haze removal tool is usable only in very limited range of light conditions.

My newbie attempt with RT 5.5


Please make some comments on what you like best of the 2 editing with RT 5.5

@DxO-user Nice job. I like the serenity of the images, however, for me the first one is a bit un-contrasty, and the second is a bit too green-casty.

Here’s my try:
Output of Mantiuk06 in LuminanceHDR 2.5.2-SNAPSHOT:

Edit/having fun in RawTherapee 5.5-dev

_DSC0134_pregamma_0.38_mantiuk06_contrast_mapping_0.05_saturation_factor_1.08_detail_factor_2_postsaturation_1.55_postgamma_1.tif.pp3 (13.8 KB)

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Thanks for the comments.
Tried to improve the sky …