[Play Raw] meanwhile in the forest...

I shot this one 2 weeks ago, in het Mastbos. At first i really didn’t feel the image, suddenly today i thought it was alright and did a quick edit with darktable. Now i’m curious what you can make of it.
Image is CC-BY

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DT 3.7
11 IMG_0779.CR2.xmp (27.1 KB)

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I love to wander the woods in the morning. All sorts of light like this; nice capture.

A scene like this provides its own vignette. I just used a filmic curve to push the shadows down and lift the light. Highlight recovery, because the parts outside the shade usually blow.


I threw a saved style on which I knew I had pushed saturation.
Originally the saved style was for indoor karting at night, but I think works quite nicely bringing out the golden light.
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I’ve tried to express the feeling I have in such situations: the high contrast between light and dark areas, and the dreamy effect of the beams of light.

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A really nice shot, thanks for sharing!

Filmulator, -0.67EV, max. film area, white clipping 0.72624, shadow brightness 49.724, highlight brightness 1000, vibrance 69 (I guess it’s too much, but seemed nice when I did it :-)).

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Very nice shot indeed! As the others, I tried to emphasize the contrast between the light rays and the forest. However, both global and local contrast do not cut it in my opinion, hence I used a drawn mask to reduce the brightness in the corners and draw the eye towards the center.

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mmmh that does work very well.

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meanwhile.in.the.forest.pp3 (15.3 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development.

Nice one, Kees! Thanks for sharing it.


thanks for posting,
darktable 3.6

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A very beautiful image which I have no doubt spoilt!
Done in GIMP, using a luminosity plugin to adjust brightness and saturation in various areas. Followed by slight sharpening with wavelet decompose.


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My fun in GIMP 2.10.24 layer modes and Lab colors


well quite challenging to edit it, and this is the first comes to mind… (IMG_0779.CR2.xmp 12.6 KB)