[Play Raw] Monkey Business


(Stefan Chirila) #21

Looks great! but what is Phofofloss ?

(Mica) #22

I think he means photo flow :wink:


It is a portmanteau of PhotoFlow and FLOSS typed by a :ghost: eating piping hot phở.

(Stefan Chirila) #24

Ooo :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dimitrios Psychogios) #25

Welcome to the forum @mikew, and thanks for sharing your take on my photo. I like the exaggerated foggy look over the water, but I’m not sold on the same being applied to the rocks in the foreground as it makes them look a bit “spongy”.

At any rate, nice work and don’t worry about “getting things wrong” or “in the wrong order”, this is not a forum for showcasing your mad editing skills to attract followers or potential customers. This is all about sharing our learning experience and improve the tools we choose to support while having fun.

Seeing how seriously people here took my silly snapshot makes me happy :slight_smile:


Sorry for bumping this old thread, but this is my take on it.
I actually use haze removal tool to add haze using negative to add a more foggy feel to it and use invert mask to protect monkey and rock color.

_MG_1095.CR2.xmp (8.8 KB)


Hi there,

Here’s my take:

_MG_1095.CR2.xmp (15.8 KB)

(Cranberry Carborundum) #28

_MG_1095.CR2.xmp (5.6 KB)
Smoothed out the highlights with some masking to get the moody misty look


@jinxos, would you mind adding a license to your image? I’d like to use it in this year’s [PlayRaw] calendar (see PlayRaw Calendar 2018 (A Calendar Making Tutorial using FLOSS Software) – Part 1 & 2 for last year), and I would feel more comfortable if you would give an explicit license statement rather than relying on license defaults here on pixls.us.

(Dimitrios Psychogios) #30

@chris I didn’t realise the ones I originally uploaded here were missing the license, sorry. Here you go, and thanks for using my silly snap for the calendar :slight_smile: :

_MG_1095.CR2.xmp (5.2 KB)



Thanks for the license clarification, please find the result here :smile:.