[PlayRaw Calendar] 2019

Next year’s [PlayRaw Calendar] is ready. It was a difficult selection as it was last year, and formal criteria again had the biggest impact. E.g., for a landscape-shaped calendar, most portrait-oriented images hardly make sense, and these that are in were victim of highly creative cropping by me. A reasonable print resolution was another criterion that had to be met, and I had to cheat with several pictures and reprocess them.

I checked again that there are photographs and edits of as many different people as possible in, but, in contrast to last year, we have some double nominations.

Due to my private time constraints (especially my kids are demanding, the younger one is just 8 weeks old), this was a last minute work. Therefore, please don’t tell me if you find any mistakes or errors :wink:.

Technically, it follows last years calendar, but the daylight saving time shifts have been removed, since these are different in different countries. The same affects the moon phases as well, they may be shifted by one day if there are different daylight saving regulations in your country, because some moon phase changes are within ±1 hour around midnight and may shift to the other day in where you are living.

The software involved is again LuaLaTeX for the calendar strips and Scribus for putting everything together. Some images were reprocessed in darktable based on the original xmp files or the embedded xmp in the original uploads.

Featured artists are

month image title photographer editor license
0 Monkey Business jinxos andrayverysame CC BY-SA
1 Glaciers, Birds, and Seals at Jökulsárlón/Iceland BayerSe McCap CC BY-NC-SA
2 Shooting Into the Sun davidvj Adlatus CC BY-SA
3 The Rail Bridge, North Queensferry Brian_Innes Jean-Marc_Digne CC BY-SA
4 Sunset sea Thanatomanic sls141 CC BY-NC-SA
5 Vulcan stone sunset asn kazah7 CC BY-NC-SA
6 Venise la sérénissime sguyader Thomas_Do CC BY-NC-SA
7 Dockland side view at night gRuGo CriticalConundrum CC BY-NC-SA
8 Eating cicchetti with ghosts in Venezia sguyader msd CC BY-NC-SA
9 maritime museum wiegemalt yteaot CC BY-SA
10 Alfred’s Vision jinxos msd CC BY-SA
11 Crescent Moon through silhouetted fern fronds martin.scharnke gRuGo CC BY-NC-SA
12 Everything frozen asn McCap CC BY-NC-SA

The download link and a preview can be found below.

playraw.pdf (51.4 MB)

New version 1.1 with a little fix in December and a slightly improved title page layout.

playraw_1.1.pdf (50.0 MB)


This Calendar look very nice :clap:

What a beautiful job ! :heart_eyes:

Cool idea!

I’m honoured to see two of my images in this calendar, though I’m not I deserve it…
Thank you!

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Well, having two of your images in the calendar means you deserve it. Congrats!


Congrats to you and all the RT devs too, for making this possible :wink:

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Yes, especially a great job of the people that contributed the images and the edits. I do only collect, the smallest contribution. But glad you like it :blush:.

Of course you deserve it, all that are in do, and many that are not in would do as well – unfortunately, I had to skip many images that would deserve it as well, in most cases because they are in portrait orientation :crazy_face:. I wonder if I should change the calendar’s orientation in next year’s edition.

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Yes, will done all involved :star:

Congratulations to everyone on the awesome shots, and especially to @chris for taking time to put it together!

I have last years that was sent as one of the most awesome gifts I’ve received (from people who don’t feel compelled to give me a gift like family :wink: ). I haven’t written about it yet because I’m a bad friend, but I will soon (I also missed writing this years Thanks post and will try to put something up shortly).

I’ll try to write something up to show off the calendar to a wider audience also. Are y’all selling hard copies at all, or just the PDF right now? (sorry, spaced out about NC)

Oh! I missed this completely, and it even got a shot of my own in there. Really cool, thanks for making this :smile:

Wow, a nice idea! Thank you :slight_smile:


Hm, just FYI, last year’s physical circulation was 1, so there has not been another hard copy. A unique copy – it may supersede Mona Lisa’s face in Louvre museum one day (or, more likely, not) :wink:.

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Great work!

I feel very honoured to be amongst such company … and it took me until today to realise one of my photos was included! :grimacing:

Thank you for the magnificent work, Chris.

So people view overwhelmingly on screen, so maybe include portrait orientation next time? (Re. comment in original post) People can zoom in if they want…

I thought the idea was that one could print it for one’s self.

I wonder how many do.

I did. I think, I worked on all these images. I will put the calendar in my office to remind me of some hours of fun :wink: .

Hm, I am so sorry that I am posting these corrections now and not earlier. I found one error by myself (wrong calendar strip in December, not contents-wise, but the one for the right side) and fixed it, and thought I could improve a bit on the title page as well … if using the logo in this context is allowed?! The new pdf is in the original post, when the upload is finished.

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That butt isn’t going away. :blush::stuck_out_tongue: