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(darix) #1

Action item included for all play raw, show case or critique poster.

First of all we have a new category for them now. This allows us to use the topic list previews plugin. It has already been activated for the play raw category. and we might do the same for the critique and show case categories.

But one thing is important here:

The plugin will use the first image or url found in a post for the thumbnails. Please check your posts that your Common Creative License image or so does not come before your edited photo.

Thank you in advance


New Topic Previews
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I dislike the previews at the top of the forum index. They also don’t appear consistently. Personally, I prefer the category to be spelled “PlayRaw” or “Play Raw”, not “Play RAW”.


(pphoto) #4

Can you change it to ignore the first url? Think that the overview would be more consistent that way.


(darix) #5

the index on top of each page is already disabled but part of it is cached on the client side and only going away with the next update.


(darix) #6

sadly no. that’s why I would ask you to find a better way for your link. you could e.g. try to use [text](link) instead of the url directly in the text.



Thanks. Was looking for a confirmation.


(Gord) #8

First off, great to see the Play raw threads in their own category.

@darix, based on the comments above, I may be in the minority, but I really like what you’ve done. It seems like a bit of a moving target as you tweak it, but what I am seeing now seems like the sweet spot. For clarity, I’ll show a couple of screen grabs to show what is “current” for me right now.

Forum home, with thumbnails of the latest four Play Raws shows at a glance whether there are any new Play Raws:

Category home, with larger thumbnails, makes it easy to see what Play Raws are of interest to try out (the old way required opening each one to have a look):

For the dozen threads where the first image is not the Play Raw image, it wouldn’t be a big ask to get those people to edit their posts.

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(darix) #9

so for now featured images is disabled again.



This is very nice. And I like the previews also!


(Pat David) #11

I kind of like what BA is doing with their “featured topics” banner - images from their gallery that have been staff curated. I think it might be a nice way to engage more with everyone if we curated some showcase images in a featured banner? Just thinking out loud here.


(darix) #12

the critique and showcase categories are converted to the preview mode as well.


(Gord) #13

Gotta ask…what’s BA?


(darix) #14

see the image list at the top here

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(Pat David) #15

Sorry, should have expanded that! :slight_smile: BA = (it used to be the elysiun forum for blender nerds to meet.).

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(Gord) #16

Nice presentation on BA. I like it. Does someone have time to curate as you suggest, or would it be enough to automatically pick the n most recent images from the selected categories?


(darix) #17

It can do the automatic thing yes.

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(Mica) #18

I can probably curate, given that images are submitted and I don’t have to track them down somewhere. I fear people’s feelings would be hurt by the curation acceptance/rejections though.

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You wouldn’t want a rebellion.


(Mica) #20

This is the problem with curating – its someone’s (my) taste. I have an idea of what I think a good photograph is, and I would curate based on that. Of course someone will disagree/be hurt that their image wasn’t included, and it’ll spiral downward from there.