[Play Raw] Processing a very high-contrast raw

Thanks! Added a tag and a license. Do I need to do anything else?


Fixed your title to make it more obvious.

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Thank you! Personally, I would really like to also see RawTherapee edits of this photo.

Now that it is a play raw you can happily post your RT edits here.

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I’ll definitely submit my take :slight_smile:

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A truly nice image to work on (though it has its imperfections), I came up with this in DT. A few masks to operate on the darker and lighter parts, and then some color corrections. Not 100% happy with the final color, but it’s close :slight_smile:

DSCF3284.RAF.xmp (28.7 KB)


…and here it is, for what it’s worth :slight_smile:
RawTherapee (dev version) only.

DSCF3284.RAF.pp3 (13.7 KB)


Very interesting image to work on. I actually really had a hard time getting something close to @David_LaCivita. After some fiddling around I actually used the unorthodox way to use a hugely feathered gradient. RT only.
summer.jpg.out.pp3 (12.7 KB)


Everything and the kitchen sink from RawTherapee.

Isagalaev_highcontrast_DSCF3284.RAF.pp3 (10.9 KB)

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thanks @isagalaev for making a playraw from a question and @Morgan_Hardwood for insisting , always fascinating such different approaches… Mine using RT it’s assumedly a bit heavy handed with the micro constrast, which creates (among other things) nasty spits of vertical dark lines… next life better =)

DSCF3284d.tif.out.pp3 (10.9 KB)

An attempt with LightZone. (Next life better.)

Custom;DSCF3284_lzn2_ustd.lzt.txt (15.6 KB)

Edit: Ups, trigger-happy with the blue sky …


Nice version @McCap. Sometimes I use the gradient in such a way as well. The tools are there to be used in a creative way, aren’t they!

Here is my attempt; no gradients, RT 5.3DSCF3284
recovery.pp3 (11.4 KB)
Just a small update: (for what it’s worth) let me upload also some results from lightroom. The first one is processed with a single click of a new AI button. DSCF3284
The next one is limited to raising blacks and shadows.

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Probably the “shadows and highlights” module but I was just going quickly.

DSCF32842.jpg.out.pp3 (10.9 KB)

Normally I would not sharpen when saving full-size images, and only do the sharpening after downscaling when re-saving for a specific medium such as a desktop wallpaper (i.e. downscale to 1920x1080, then sharpen). However, as most of the entries here are full-sized, I’m submitting this second full-size sharpened image:
DSCF32842 s3.jpg.out.pp3 (11.0 KB)

And this one is the same as the previous one except that I scaled it down to a width of 1000px and applied lens correction, so that it can be compared to @kazah7’s Lightroom’s entry:


@Jacal I like the overall look of your take :slight_smile:.

Using RT 5.3 in an attempt to bring out shadow detail without losing the inherent high contrast nature of the photo.
DSCF3284.jpg.out.pp3 (11.6 KB)

@kazah7 the new auto stuff of lightroom is quite impressive!

We have nothing as cool in RT (yet? probably never… not without a massive amount of data to analyze, as a bare minimum), but we did make some efforts in reducing the amount of work needed to get in the same ballpark. FWIW, here’s a little demo:

And here’s the result:


I’m aware of those new tools! To put it simply - a great work and really useful staff! :slight_smile: Can’t wait for 5.4 and further releases. When it comes to lightroom and its ‘magic’ AI button, there is no denying that it’s impressive, especially if one has a lot of pictures to process. However, if I have time I prefer to work in RT. It simply gives me more fun and joy to work with. Lightroom is kinda soulless, like a cold beast, professional and powerful but without this special touch or feeling that RT has.

a thowall darktable slighlty overcook sky, could not get a grip with the paramedics (next-next life better)

Indeed despite the slugginess LR’s auto got a wild and useful boost, but their general profile still too punchy for my taste, RNI’s better IMO

DSCF3284.RAF.xmp (15.5 KB)

I say that’s a love story